Occupational Health

This service includes health assessments and checks, management referrals and vaccinations. It is based on a proactive approach that aims to recognise potential hazards and offer strategies to alleviate or remove them.

Health Referrals

When you refer members of staff to our professional team, we will offer them advice and support. We will provide you with expert, objective advice to support you to: 
reduce absenteeism and related costs 
comply with the law and avoid discriminating against staff
make it possible for staff to return to work with an individual, bespoke rehabilitation program 
advise your staff on alternative work which best meets their needs (medical redeployment). 


We offer vaccinations to protect staff in the workplace and support organisations to comply with legal guidance. We can deliver vaccinations at your workplace, avoiding the need for your staff to visit their GP during work hours.


Risk Assessments

We offer risk assessments for desk/computer-based staff and staff who are pregnant, to help them stay safe at work. 


Pre Employment Assessments                            

To help you successfully recruit staff to your business and get the best from them, we offer employment assessments. Through the assessments, we:
make sure prospective employees are physically and psychologically able to do the work expected
identify people likely to be at increased risk of developing work-related diseases from hazardous agents in the workplace
make sure, as much as possible, prospective employees are not a risk to others or themselves
We will advise you on reasonable adjustments you can make to the work place
All our assessments take into account the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.


For further information please complete the contact form and one of our helpful Wellbeing advisors will be in touch.


Click here for further information, please complete the contact form and one of our helpful Wellbeing advisors will be in touch.