Wellbeing Calendars and Monthly Challenges

We are committed to promoting positive mental health and wellbeing for teaching staff in and around Kent. We have created a series of Wellbeing Calendars and Monthly Challenge Sheets for school staff to complete. The calendars and challenges involve various fun and quick tasks, all designed to strengthen and improve your wellbeing. Our Wellbeing Team have worked closely with our Marketing Department to provide you with top-quality resources aimed to boost mental health, encourage a healthy work-life balance and help you to prioritise your wellbeing.

December 2020 Activity Calendar!

In December we enjoyed a bit of festive fun during the wind down for Christmas.

Download your calendar here.

November 2020: Notice

November was all about noticing the world around us, as well as how we and others feel. Download your calendar here.

October 2020: Self-Care

In October, we focused on acts of self-care and how we can help to improve our own wellbeing one day at a time. Download your calendar here.

September 2020: Kindness

In September, we aimed to spread just a little more kindness every day of the month. Small acts of kindness can help to brighten people's day and, in return, can bring joy to your life. Download September's calendar here.

August 2020: Active August

August was all about improving our fitness levels, getting out of the house and enjoying the county of Kent! Download August's calendar here.

July 2020: Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of focusing on the present, whether that be your words and actions, the world around you, or your thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness can help you to become calmer and feel more grounded. Download July's calendar here

Do you have any examples of wellbeing practices at your school? Get in touch with us on social media or email kent.teach@cantium.solutions

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