Ideas and Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Meals

With the cost of living rising, one thing that does not need to be less affordable is eating well regularly. These meals and tips can be used for home, work or school depending on your needs and wants that week. 62 per cent of school-going adolescents drink a sugary soft drink once a day and 49 per cent eat junk food once a week in high income countries, so this is a great way for your kids to have proper meals to take to school or to at least make sure they always have the option to eat well at home.

Roast Chicken

Cooking a whole roast chicken for the week ahead is a great way to get multiple, completely different meals. You can get a whole roast chicken for around £3.50, which is a great deal when you compare the size of it to your standard meal deal of a sandwich, drink and bag of crisps, which is not the most filling or healthy meal.

By cooking a roast dinner on a Sunday, you can create extra meals from leftovers throughout the week. If you cook extra vegetables with your roast, on Monday you can use those vegetables alongside the chicken to make a stir fry. The beauty of a stir fry is you can use pretty much any vegetable and it works. You can also use the gravy from the roast as a base, if you want to have it with noodles or pasta.

Even the bones from the roast chicken can be turned into a lunch. By boiling the bones for a few hours, the bits of meat you couldn’t get off the bone begin to fall off and the flavour from it creates a nice broth. To bulk it up once the broth has boiled enough, you can add noodles or pasta to make it into a filling meal, alongside anything you want to add on top of seasoning. Packs of Linguine from Aldi are 20p each and not too much more from other supermarkets. This meal can be a bit fiddly as you have to use a sieve to separate the bones.

Mince Beef

Of course, chilli con carnie is an obvious choice for a good homemade meal, alongside cottage pie, but why not a Mexican Cottage Pie? It is a sort of combination of both, that is even more substantial due to the kidney beans.

If you cook or have extra mince beef, you can create a great meal. If you grab yourself a few peppers, cut off the tops and take out the bits inside, you can then fill them with the mince. Once you have filled it up with mince and anything else you want to add, put the top back on and wrap the pepper in foil and put it in the oven for around 45 minutes. If you had any potatoes leftover, chop them up, boil them and have a potato salad on the side of your choice.

Stews and Casseroles

These are both great meals to make on a Sunday instead of a roast, as you can make plenty quite easily, that then can be tupperwared and frozen for meals for other days. You can microwave the meals when you take them out, which saves you having to use the hob or oven again, saving you on your bills and your time. You don’t have to fork out lots of money on great cuts of meat, as you cook it for so long it softens and breaks up. You can use a wide range of vegetables that are all very cheap alongside, tinned tomatoes. You can of course also cook these same meals without meat.


  • Always look out for deals and reduced items, ignore the date, as you can freeze them for when you want them. This also applies to things like milk and bread.
  • Always cook too much and never throw away your food, as you can make a new meal out of them or combine it with food you’re making the next day, or just simply take it to school/work. Even the juice from tinned tomatoes in the morning can be thrown into a curry later.
  • Bulk up food with lentils, beans, vegetables and potato.
  • Buy off brand, as it often cannot be distinguished in a big pan, and you may even prefer it.
  • If you cook more vegetables than you need, you can then freeze them to put in other meals. If you aren’t just adding them to a pot, you can microwave the Tupperware with water to re-boil them and add to your plate.
  • Tupperware meals can be taken to school/work to prevent you buying food from shops. They similarly can help from buying takeaways from home, if you are not in the mood to cook.
  • Get into the habit of drinking and encouraging water in the house and taking a bottle of water to school/work.
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