Supporting Ukrainians in Kent

In the face of one of the most significant humanitarian crises in recent history, the United Kingdom has demonstrated its compassion and resilience by launching the Homes for Ukraine scheme. This initiative, aimed at providing refuge for those fleeing conflict in Ukraine, has seen incredible success across the nation with at least 100,000 Ukrainian guests now safe in the United Kingdom and a further 37,500 valid visas issued for those who may choose to travel to the United Kingdom at a later date if circumstances change. 

The county of Kent’s response is a beacon of collective compassion and action. As the second-largest host county in the country, Kent and its hosts have welcomed 3,363 arrivals to date from Ukraine, with 58% of those leaving their hosts moving into private rented accommodation and integrating independently into the community. Integration is a vital aspect of the journey for any newcomer and our Ukrainian guests have become an integral part of our community, contributing their skills, culture, and talents to the vibrant tapestry of Kent. The Homes for Ukraine scheme has not only benefited Ukrainian guests but also enriched Kent's culture. A vibrant cultural exchange has emerged, with Ukrainian traditions and customs finding a place alongside Kent's own heritage. This mutual sharing of cultures has strengthened the bonds between communities.

One of the most heart-warming aspects of the Homes for Ukraine scheme in Kent is the overwhelming support from local communities. Kent residents have shown extraordinary kindness and empathy towards Ukrainian refugees, with many offering their spare rooms and homes to provide shelter. This spirit of solidarity has fostered a strong sense of unity and belonging.

The scheme's success in Kent is also due to the efficient integration process for refugees. Local authorities, charities, and volunteers have worked tirelessly to provide essential services, including language courses, employment assistance, and access to healthcare. This holistic approach ensures that Ukrainian newcomers can quickly become self-sufficient members of their new communities.

Local schools have welcomed young Ukrainians with open arms, offering them access to quality education and the chance to rebuild their lives through learning. This not only provides a brighter future for these children but also enriches the local educational landscape with diverse perspectives.

Kent has experienced a positive economic impact due to the Homes for Ukraine scheme. Ukrainian refugees, once settled, have contributed to the local economy through employment and entrepreneurship. 

This scheme has gone beyond just providing homes; it has been instrumental in building bridges between two nations. The connections formed between Kent's residents and Ukrainian guests have created lifelong friendships. The success of the scheme serves as an inspiration for other regions in the UK and around the world. It demonstrates what can be achieved when communities come together with compassion and determination and is a testament to the power of humanity and community spirit. It showcases how a collective effort can turn adversity into an opportunity for growth, empathy, and solidarity. As Kent continues to embrace Ukrainian guests, it sets an example for other regions and nations to follow. Together, we can create a brighter future for those seeking refuge and build a more compassionate world for all. If you are a Ukrainian guest sponsored by a Kent resident and require more information please contact

Homes for Ukraine Kent aim to support Ukrainians with living independently and supporting them to become self-sufficient whilst living in the UK. Guests can search for employment without a NI number if they can prove they have the right to work by showing their Biometric Residence Permit or visa in their passport. If you are a Ukrainian guest and looking for advice on benefits and finding work you can also visit your nearest Jobcentre

Homes for Ukraine Kent have recently partnered with Kent-Teach to implement various ways to support Ukrainian guests who have teaching qualifications. The Department for Education (DfE) are keen to help Ukrainian refugees and are encouraging schools and training providers to recruit Ukrainian teachers and teacher trainees. With this in mind Kent-Teach would like to support those with teaching experience and qualifications to gain employment within Kent schools. If you are a Ukrainian guest and looking for teaching or non-teaching roles within a Kent school you can search for jobs on Kent-Teach. Additionally, if you’d like further information and support around requirements for working in a school please contact

If you are from Ukraine or another overseas country and looking for teaching or support staff opportunities view our free guide to help you in your job search. The guide explains the various requirements you need to fulfil when applying for teaching roles and gives more information about visa requirements. 

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