BBQ Safety Tips Cheat Sheet

Schools out for the summer, and with the intermittent sunny spells, it’s essential to make the most of any warm weather and get the kids outside. For an activity the whole family will enjoy, why not try getting everyone together for some alfresco dining? Whether you're dusting off the BBQ from the garden shed or taking a disposable grill to the park or beach, this is a great way to put a twist on the family meal.

However, cooking meat on a BBQ grill can be a tricky task, even for the most experienced cook. While beef steaks can be cooked at different internal temperatures to accommodate for preferred tastes, it's vital to cook poultry and pork thoroughly to kill any harmful bacteria. Remember, charred on the outside doesn't mean it's cooked in the middle! To reduce the risk of carcinogenic substances forming on burning food by up to 98%, why not try marinating your meat before cooking? It's also a great way to introduce new flavours to children. 

While the primary objection of your BBQ should be to eat good food and spend quality time with friends and family, it's crucial that you're also aware of the fire and gas hazards involved with having a BBQ. On average, half of under-5s attend A&E every year following an avoidable accident. To ensure your BBQ doesn't end in any disasters, position your BBQ on a flat surface away from children and pets, with a bucket of water or sand on standby. 

The guide below by KETTLER offers more great tips on how to host the perfect BBQ. It includes advice on cooking meat to the correct temperature and lots of helpful fire and gas safety tips, as well as useful information on BBQ fuel disposal. 

Happy BBQing! 

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