Creative ways to decorate Easter eggs with your class

In many cultures, painting eggs is a traditional part of Easter; they are not just reserved for the chocolate variety! Several faiths believe that eggs symbolise new life, fertility and resurrection. In Christianity, it is symbolic for the resurrection of Jesus Christ and therefore, the egg is synonymous with Easter. 

In many Eastern European countries, Easter eggs are decorated with traditional folk designs written in beeswax. Arguably the most famously decorated eggs come from Ukraine where they are called Pysanky. Pysanky were traditionally made by women and girls in the final week of Lent and were given as gifts at Easter to friends and family; these type of eggs are my favourite and below is how you can decorate them with your class.

A video on how to make Pysanky decorated eggs:

The results are beautiful and the patterns can be extremely intricate as you can see. If decorating these eggs sound too tricky then you can actually buy traditional Ukrainian egg decorating wraps in the style of Pysanky eggs online! 

Additionally, here are 5 more fun filled ways to decorate eggs:

1. Marble Eggs
2. Tie Dye Easter Eggs
3. Paper Napkin Easter Eggs
4. Cute Woodland Creature Eggs, perfect for an outdoor Easter egg hunt!
5. Glittery Polka Dot Eggs

Once you have decorated your eggs, how about using the egg shells as classroom table decorations? In Scandinavian countries traditionally decorated eggs are displayed hanging on small branches or twigs which would look great in school and is also a great introduction to discussing Easter with your class and referring to different cultures. 

Whatever you get up to this Easter, ensure you have a great time! Why not spend some time outdoors over the Easter holidays? Science says you should

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