11 Science-Backed Benefits of Smiling

There are so many reasons to smile throughout our day, but did you know that the act of smiling has physical and psychological health benefits? If you’re looking for more reasons to smile more, discovering these benefits should do just the trick. 

1)  Alleviates Stress

When we smile or laugh, our bodies naturally release endorphins—also known as happy hormones. These happy hormones help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. Studies have found that smiling helps reduce the intensity of our body’s natural stress response. If you start to experience stress in your life, take a minute to pause and think about something good in your life that will encourage you to smile. Taking these small moments to pause can help stabilise our mood and alleviate those stressful feelings. 

2) Boosts Our Mood

Did you know that smiling can actually trick our brains into thinking we are happy? Even on days when we’re not feeling our best, a simple smile can do just the trick. Studies have shown that those who smile more tend to be happier in general and that a smile, even when forced, can help create more positive emotions within us. The next time you’re feeling down, try your best to turn that frown upside down—you’ll be happy you did. 

3) Reduces Blood Pressure 

One of the leading symptoms causing heart disease is high blood pressure, but you guessed it, a smile can actually help decrease your blood pressure which in turn can help lower your chances of heart disease. Similar to what happens when our smiling reduces the intensity of our body’s stress responses, smiling and laughing initially increase our heart rate, which then leads to a relaxation of the muscles, eventually decreasing our blood pressure levels. Smiling doesn’t just improve our mood, it also helps improve our overall health. 

4) Helps Strengthen Relationships With Others 

Aside from the physical and mental health benefits, smiling has been found to strengthen our relationships with those around us. Studies show that people who smile more appear “more likeable” which can help with relationship building. In addition, people who are happier and smile often are more likely to achieve personal and professional goals in their lives. 

Who knew that wearing a smile could have such a positive effect on our overall wellbeing. To discover more health benefits of smiling and ways you can smile more throughout your day, check out the visual below: 

benefits of smiling

When was the last time you put yourself first before others? Or when you prioritised your own wellbeing and self-care. If you are reading this and struggling to recollect a recent moment where you did something (no matter how big or small) to improve your wellbeing, then today is the day where you can begin to make that change in your life.

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