Top 10 Google Search Tricks


Do you want to become a Google wiz?! Below are TOP TIPS for using the wonderful search engine. 

1) Define a word – ensure you type “define” followed by the word you want and you will be directed to the definition.

2) Find the answer to a maths equation – Type in an equation and Google will give you the answer on its calculator.

3) Find the origin of a quote – include quotation marks when entering the quote into the search field

4) Set a timer – Type “set timer” into the search bar and then “enter” and a Google timer will appear. Enter the time you want and start the timer. Google will alert you by beeping when your time runs out.

5) Convert currency – Type in the amount and type of currency you have followed by “to” and then type in the name of the currency you need. E.g. “5 euros to pounds”

6) Exclude certain words - in circumstances where you want to find a recipe without a particular ingredient, ensure you add a minus sign (-) followed by the words you want excluded e.g. “- gluten”.

7) Search for items within a price range – input keyword, and separate the lowest and highest prices you’re willing to pay with two periods. (This trick also works for dates)

8) Search for an article within a website – Type “site” followed by the URL of the website you’d like to search, and then add your search terms.

9) Fill in the blanks – Google will fill in the blanks if you enter your search terms using asterisks as stand-ins for the unknown.

10) Search by File Type (Microsoft Word or Powerpoint etc) – Enter your search terms followed by “filetype:ppt”, e.g. “cooking filetype:ppt”. Please note: “Ppt” = Microsoft Powerpoint, “Doc” = Microsoft Word

By following these, you’ll be able to quickly find what you are looking for and become a Google genius in no time!

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