The Six Golden Rules of Job Applications

1) Read the advert and respond accordingly

If the advert says “We are seeking an enthusiastic and committed teacher for our Year 1 class you might think of starting your letter “I am a Year 1 teacher, enthusiastic about my subject and committed to the success of the children in my class…….”  

Respond to the requirements of the job in the same order as they appear in the Job Description and Person Specification. Think about the person reading through a pile of applications. If yours is easy to read it increases the chances of you getting an interview.

Use a clear font and edit your response for unnecessary words.

2) There is no such thing as “my CV”

There is only the CV for the job you are applying for. This is the same for applications and Personal Statements, schools are very good at spotting generic CV's. A lot of these will say “I am very interested in the job at your school” without actually naming the school, so amend the document accordingly. 

3) Get someone to read your application before you send it

Don't rely on a spell checker! For example: “I have red the adverb you have putt on the kent-reach web sight” won’t excite your spell checker but won’t get you an interview either. Neither will “I am interested in the job at St Edmund’s” if the job is at St Joseph’s.

4) Always phone or visit if you can

Schools like people who respond to the invitations they put in adverts.

5) Research the school and take references

It is a two-way process. Look at the school’s website, latest Ofsted report and anything else you can find on the web. This gives you clues to the job and the environment; if you don’t like the look or sound of the place think carefully before applying.

6) Make sure your supporters are supportive

If you give someone’s name as a referee, make sure you supply the correct address and other contact details. It is also good to check they will be available, for example not away on a two-week training course, when a reference request is likely to be required.

Knowing the golden rules for job applications is important but it is only the first step. Preparing for the actual interview is just as important, so here is 5 Interview Tips to Help You Get The Job.

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