10 Reasons to Start a Career in Teaching in 2024

If you are thinking of changing career in 2024 have you thought about becoming a teacher? There are so many reasons why you should train to become a teacher in 2024, here are just some of them:

1) Fulfilling and Worthwhile Career

“…A teacher affects eternity, they can never tell where their influence stops…” (Henry Adams). 

Your hard work and effort as a teacher shapes the lives of your pupils and positively impacts their future. So make this your year to do something amazing with your career, give back to your community and gain a fantastic feeling of fulfilment that cannot be replicated with the 9-5 daily grind. 

2) Job Security 

Employment in education has always been, and will always be very stable as there is always a need for education professionals to teach and guide children and young people. Although no job is 100% secure, if you find yourself unfortunately made redundant from one post, there are always plenty of other teaching roles to choose from.

Advancements in technology and AI has huge potential to disrupt the labour market in the near future. It is predicted that around 15 million jobs in the UK could be replaced by automation, a very scary number. But how will AI affect the future of teaching jobs?

Experts all agree that roles involving a high level of decision making, creativity, human empathy and interaction are least likely to be affected by advances in AI and automation and as we know, teaching is a profession that requires a large amount of interaction, empathy and decision making it is deemed to be of little risk of automation. Could you imagine a robot teaching Shakespeare to a classroom full of kids? I don’t think so! You can be rest assured that you have chosen the right career if job stability is on your priority list.

3) Plenty of Routes Into Teaching 

There are numerous routes into teaching available with options to suit everyone, whether you are already a degree holder or yet to complete a degree, there is a route for you.

The first option is to take a 3 year undergraduate degree in teaching. This is usually taken by individuals looking to become a Primary School Teacher but there are now courses for those wishing to teach in secondary schools. 

For those who already hold a degree and wish to study at university then a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) maybe the best option for you. This option is popular with graduates looking to enter secondary teaching but you can also study a PGCE for primary teaching too.  

School Direct training is on the job training whilst studying at university. There are paid and unpaid options, but if you are unpaid you may be eligible to take advantage of bursaries or student finance to support you during the course.

For career changers who don’t have a degree then you may be interested in Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS). This course is suitable for learners who may have experience in education, such as Teaching Assistants that want to progress with their career and or career changers looking to enter the profession.  To find out more about QTLS read this article: How to Become a Teacher Without Holding an Existing Degree.

4) Bursaries

You can currently take advantage of some great bursaries and scholarships to support your career journey into teaching, especially if you train to teach in shortage subjects such as Chemistry or Maths. We are all feeling the pinch right now, so it is good to know that teacher training is well funded and there to support you through a life changing career move.

You can find more information about bursaries on the Get Into Teaching website.

5) Make a Difference in Children and Young People’s Lives

All your hard work and effort as a teacher shapes the lives of your pupils and positively impacts their future. So make this your year to do something incredible and give young people the best start in life. Be there to educate children, help them to gain essential life skills to set them up for success, guide them to gain essential qualifications and even support them through difficult times. A teacher’s role is so varied and they are truly are one of the most influential people in each child’s life. 

"Being a teacher not only helped me shape the lives of children but it also shaped my own life. The relationships you build within your classroom with children and their families and the lessons you learn from them stay with you forever. My experience of teaching has been very heart-warming." (Year 4 Teacher from Medway)

6) Minimum Starting Salary of £30,000 

All qualified teachers currently have a minimum starting salary of £30,000 per annum. 

In addition to a good starting salary teachers benefit from yearly pay rises. Pay progression is linked to performance but an annual pay rise compares favourably to the private sector. You can view the teacher and support staff pay scales here

7) Teaching is a Profession That Starts Every Other 

You never know who you will have in your classroom – a future MP, paramedic, support worker or even a future sporting hero! How amazing is it to know that you have shaped these individuals and helped them to achieve their potential, plus think of the bragging rights if you are a PE Teacher who taught the likes of David Beckham or Jessica Ennis-Hill!

8) Great Career Progression Opportunities 

Teaching is a profession that offers numerous progression opportunities. Whether you wish to progress up the ladder into the Senior Leadership Team, take on additional teaching and learning responsibilities (TLR) with associated TLR payments or side progression into a different specialism such as special education, the possibilities are endless. 

9) You Will Always Be Learning 

Even if you do not wish to climb the career ladder, teaching is a vocation where you will always be learning and progressing. Continual Professional Development is important and is encouraged within the education sector. There are plenty of training courses available to support teachers to gain the knowledge and skills they need. 

You will learn from colleagues and even from your students, even if it is just the lyrics to some of the latest hits your students are listening to or the latest TikTok dance, then you are still learning!

10) Working Pattern That Fits Around Your Family 

If you are searching for a career that fits around your children then a career in education is the one for you! With the school holidays out of the classroom, no weekends, bank holidays or night shifts to worry about, you won’t need to worry about what to do with the kids when they are not in school. Although teachers do often need to do planning and marking during evenings and some weekends, this can be done at a time to suit you and can be relatively flexible to fit around your lifestyle and your family commitments.  

There will of course be some exceptions such as parent’s evenings or occasional school trips but overall a career as a teacher is the perfect solution if you struggle to find school holiday childcare for your children. Plus having 6 weeks out of school in the summer is motivation in itself isn’t it?!

Whatever your motivations to change your career in 2024 then teaching could be the vocation for you. Becoming a teacher is a life changing decision but one that can transform your life for the better, giving you more fulfilment and sense of purpose. Get in touch with us if you would like more information on becoming a teacher in Kent.

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