Kent Teaching Careers & Development

CPD is the improvement of professional and educational practice throughout a teacher's career. 

This can be through any activity that increases the skills, knowledge or understanding of teachers, and their effectiveness in schools. 

Kent takes pride in providing teachers with opportunities to continue with their professional development throughout their career. This can be achieved through utilising the broad range of training and development opportunities available to increase the skills, knowledge, and understanding of a teacher’s role.

Developing You: Adopting A Whole Self Approach - The Importance of Undertaking Continuous Personal Development

We recently asked you about your experiences of CPD. Our findings revealed that 60% of teaching staff have not received personal development opportunities within the last 6 months. Strikingly, 54% of respondents have received professional development opportunities in the last 6 months. At Kent-Teach, we are striving to make personal development an intrinsic part of CPD. Find out more about adopting a whole self approach and prioritising personal development in our Developing You resource.

Kent E-Learning Categories:

COVID-19 Update: The Education People have taken the decision to cancel all face-to-face training until the end of the academic year. Find out more here.

CPD Providers:

1) CPD Online - The Education People - The Education People offer professional development and training for people who work with young people. 

2) East Kent Learning Alliance - Offer a range of CPD courses.

3) Hodder Education - Hodder Education offer online CPD training courses.

4) The STEM Hub - Canterbury Christ Church - The Science Learning Partnership is a collaboration between Canterbury Christ Church University and Rainham Mark Grammar School offering a range of science CPD courses.

5) CPD Books for Teachers - From reading to wellbeing and education psychology, this range of books supports CPD for all those working in schools.


From September 2021, a refined suite of National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) will be available for teachers and leaders via the Department for Education. The suite is designed for those who want to develop their knowledge and skills in school leadership and specialist areas of teaching practice. Find out more about the updates here.

Kent offers extensive in-service education and training through courses and conferences. These can be found in the KCC CPD brochures in your school. Bookings can be made online through Kent CPD you can email for more information.

Visit here for more information on enhancing your teaching career through Continual Professional Development.