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Primary Teacher - Full-time

St George's CE Foundation School Broadstairs

Pay:MPR/UPR Ref:KCC886-5447-291T

Start Date:April/September 2022 Advert Close Date:19/01/2022View Job

Year 4 Teacher - Full-time

Kennington CE Academy Ashford

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2052-135T

Start Date:18 April 2022 Advert Close Date:20/01/2022View Job

Class Teacher - Full-time

Jubilee Primary School Maidstone

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2043-128T

Start Date:Immediate Advert Close Date:21/01/2022View Job

Teacher - Full-time

Skills for Life Trust Chatham

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC-F22-90-T

Start Date:April 2022 Advert Close Date:21/01/2022View Job

Class Teacher - Part-time

Cecil Road Primary School Gravesend

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2095-103T

Start Date:April 2022 Advert Close Date:21/01/2022View Job

Class Teacher - Full-time

Cliffe Woods Primary Rochester

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC887-2588-52T

Start Date:Immediate Advert Close Date:24/01/2022View Job

Upper Ks2 Class Teacher with Possibility of TLR for Reading Lead - Full-time

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School Chatham

Pay:MPS/UPS + possibility of TLR for Reading Ref:KCC887-3736-57T

Start Date:25 April or earlier if poss. end date 31 August Advert Close Date:24/01/2022View Job

Ks2 Class Teacher - Full-time

Normandy Primary School Bexleyheath

Pay:MPS/UPS Ref:KCC303-2062-11T

Start Date:Spring Term 2022 Advert Close Date:26/01/2022View Job

Teacher - Part-time

Lydden Primary School Dover

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2321-39T

Start Date:February 2022 Advert Close Date:27/01/2022View Job

KS1/2 Teacher - Maternity

Wilmington Primary School Dartford

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-5219-80T

Start Date:Easter 2022 Advert Close Date:28/01/2022View Job

Classroom Teacher - Maternity

Oakfield Primary Academy Dartford

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-3914-134T

Start Date:February 2022 Advert Close Date:28/01/2022View Job

Class Teacher - Maternity

Ightham Primary School Sevenoaks

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2167-114T

Start Date:June 2022 Advert Close Date:28/01/2022View Job

Class Teacher (Part Time) - Part-time

St James the Great Academy (age 3 -11) East Malling

Pay:Main Pay Range Ref:KCC886-2006-82T

Start Date:April 2022 Advert Close Date:30/01/2022View Job

Class Teacher - Full-time

Loose Primary School Maidstone

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2044-200T

Start Date:Term 5 / Term 1 Advert Close Date:31/01/2022View Job

Class Teacher - Full-time

Whinless Down Academy Trust Dover

Pay:MPS/UPS Ref:KCC-F77-2-T

Start Date:April 2022 Advert Close Date:31/01/2022View Job

Ks2 Class Teacher - Maternity

Sevenoaks Primary School Sevenoaks

Subsidiary Subject: KS2

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2632-205T

Start Date:7 March 2022 Advert Close Date:02/02/2022View Job

Key Stage 2 Class Teacher - Full-time

Holy Trinity CEP School Gravesend

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-5202-85T

Start Date:Immediate Advert Close Date:04/02/2022View Job

Maternity Cover Class Teacher - Full-time

Leybourne St Peter and Paul CEP Leybourne, West Malling

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-3324-78T

Start Date:19th April 2022 Advert Close Date:04/02/2022View Job

Fixed Term Maternity Cover Teacher - Maternity

Herne Bay Junior School Herne Bay

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-5206-165T

Start Date:April 2022 Advert Close Date:07/02/2022View Job

Class Teacher - Full-time

The Island Learning Trust Sheerness

Subsidiary Subject: KS2

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC-F76-17-T

Start Date:ASAP Advert Close Date:07/02/2022View Job

Teacher - Full-time

Garlinge Primary School and Nursery Margate

Pay:MPS/UPS Ref:KCC886-3917-219T

Start Date:April 2022 Advert Close Date:09/02/2022View Job

Key Stage 2 Teacher - Full-time

Riverview Junior School Gravesend

Subsidiary Subject: KS2

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2096-178T

Start Date:Immediate Advert Close Date:14/02/2022View Job

Class Teacher - Year 5 and 6 - Full-time

Penshurst CEP School Tonbridge

Subsidiary Subject: KS2

Pay:MPS - Fringe Ref:KCC886-3314-111T

Start Date:Tuesday 19th April 2022 Advert Close Date:18/02/2022View Job

SENDCO (0.8Fte) - Part-time

Valley Invicta Primary School at Aylesford Aylesford

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:VIAT Main/Upper Pay Scale Ref:KCC886-2030-100T

Start Date:April or September 2022 Advert Close Date:20/02/2022View Job

Ks2 Teacher - Full-time

The Stour Academy Trust Canterbury

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC-F9-70-T

Start Date:Term 5 (April) - subject to DBS being returned Advert Close Date:15/03/2022View Job

Class Teacher - Full-time

The Island Learning Trust Sheerness

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC-F76-19-T

Start Date:September 2022 Advert Close Date:13/05/2022View Job

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