The Best Virtual Quizzes To Keep You Entertained

Just because you are stuck indoors and missing the weekly quiz due to all the pubs being closed, it doesn’t mean you can’t still do one and have fun. If you can’t live without doing a quiz don’t worry there is still a way! There are plenty of quizzes to do online and it even gives you a chance to do one with family or friends who are normally too far away.

Live Virtual quizzes 

If you are more the competitive type and want to play against others outside your household, then virtual quizzes are just for you! Many pubs are hosting quizzes due to being shut so we have listed just a few of the many virtual events pubs are hosting.

BrewDog Online Bar

BrewDog have taken it upon themselves to not let the lockdown stop them from providing the pub experience everyone wants and most importantly that quiz so many people love to take part in. They have set up a virtual bar held on Zoom where there is also live music and interactive beer tasting workshops. It is free entry however; you must be 18. It will be held from the 2nd of April to Saturday the 2nd of May. Look out on their website and social media pages for when the quiz is held.

DesignMyNight Quiz

Just your classic quiz no need to dress up or anything extravagant as their website says “if you've managed to grab the last bottle of £6 vino from the shops” why not have a go at answering their quiz with the chance of winning a whopping £200? Just relax on your front room sofa have a few drinks and enjoy the quiz. Entry is free of charge and the closing date of the quiz is the 24th of April.

The Pembury Tavern, London

The lockdown has not stopped this pub from providing a quiz for people to take part in. Every Monday at 7pm they hold a quiz through Instagram live. At the end of the quiz, their website says the three highest scorers will be picked at random and rewarded with a pair of Five Points Brewery Tour vouchers

Big Drop Brewing Co

Every Tuesday at 7pm they will be holding their quiz through their live YouTube channel. During the live stream they will ask you a few questions and at the end of the round they will give you the answers (of course they hope you will be honest!). There are no overall prizes, but they will try do some giveaways if you stay tuned throughout. 

Online quiz questions you can use

If you just want to play with members of your household vs another household or multiple households, you can do this through a group call on Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat or a group FaceTime. One person in the call can be nominated to be the quiz master then of course you can rotate who the quiz master is, so everyone gets a chance to play.

There are great quizzes to use online such as the website opinion stage who have 100 trivia questions with 10 categories each containing 10 questions. The topics are sport, technology, science, automotive (vehicle industry), food and drink, health, geography, TV and movies, music and animals. There are topics for everyone to enjoy covering a variety of genres.

Another good website to use is free pub quizzes which has 750 questions on the website with categories from general knowledge, food and drink, music, TV and film and many more. It has a quick-fire category as well to make things more interesting. 

If you don’t like those options here are a few more websites with quiz questions such as quiz questions, pub quiz questions, LaffGaff and there are plenty more available online.

Quiz Apps 

If you would rather just play a Quiz with the people in your household there are loads of great apps, you can download and play at home. Here is a list of popular quiz apps. 

1) HQ Trivia

2) Logo Game

3) Quiz your friends

4) QuizUp

5) DK Quiz

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