12 Things You Must Do Before A Virtual Interview

If you have recently been successful with your job application, the chances are you will be preparing for a virtual interview and are probably due to complete this within your own home. Face to face interviews are not dissimilar to virtual interviews but many of us are often worried or apprehensive about change. The fact that we aren’t in the same room as the interviewer may seem slightly strange or surreal, but the interview process remains the same…without the handshake! 

We have put together a 12-point checklist to get you prepared for a virtual interview. If you prepare yourself in advance you will have a successful virtual interview! 

1) Find a quiet room 
Ensure you choose a room where your children or pets can avoid entering. This may prove to be difficult but prep family members in advance. Place a sign on the door with ‘Interview in process’ just to make others aware in the house and to highlight the importance of your meeting. 

2) Use hand gestures and body language 
Remember to give eye contact to those on the screen and try not to stare out the window or at other objects in the room. Sometimes we think we are invincible behind a screen, but it will be clear to the interviewer if your mind is elsewhere. Use hand gestures throughout the interview and nod to questions. 

3) Check your computer audio 
Always test your equipment before you go into the interview as you want to ensure that you look like you are prepared. If the audio fails, you will have to rearrange, and this could cost you your dream job! 

4) Try to keep a neutral background
Put the washing away and make sure there isn’t any confidential paperwork hanging on the walls. You need the interviewer to focus on you rather than the clutter in the background. 

5) Open the curtains
Don’t leave the curtains shut as you cannot work in the dark. Let in natural light to maximise light on the screen. If you haven’t even bothered to open the curtains it really looks like you stepped out of bed and into the interview!

6) Use a professional username 
If you are advised to use a video chat software, ensure you have a professional username. Change this before your interview goes ahead. 

7) Complete a practice call 
Have a mock interview with a family member and let them give you a score out of 10. Ask them what you can do to improve next time. If there are any technical issues, then its best sorting out your equipment for the real thing. 

8) Dress professionally with softer colours
Don’t dress in your loungewear or gym gear just because you’re at home. Wear what you would normally wear to an interview and why not put your shoes on too… you need to take this seriously otherwise you will give off the wrong impression in the interview. 

9) Test the webcam 
It goes without saying, this is the most important part in your preparation because without this they cannot see you!

10) Check your internet 
Check your internet is working as it should be. If your internet is slow it may be worth informing the interviewer beforehand. 

11) Look directly at the camera 
Sit within the centre of your camera and make sure you do not move around too much on your chair. It’s easy to roll around on a desk chair or perhaps sit cross legged for comfort but remember you need to be seated as you would in a meeting. 

12) Send a follow up thank you email 
Don’t forget you won’t get the chance to formally say goodbye and thank you with a handshake. It will look very professional to email a follow up thank you when the call ends.  

Many of us will be working from home over the next few weeks. Try to stay focused and use our blog to help you...'8 Top Tips On How To Survive Working From Home’. 

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