Uploading a Video to your School Profile

Step 1: In order to upload a video to your Kent-Teach school profile, your video must be on your YouTube account channel. If you do not have a YouTube account, here are quick instructions to create an account, free of charge. 

Step 2: To upload your video to YouTube, login and select ‘Upload’ in the top right corner and then ‘Select files to upload’. (If you already have your video uploaded on YouTube, skip this step and go to step 3). This will bring up a box where you can search for the video location and once found, double click on the file. You will then see the video ‘Processing’ and will have to wait until completed. Add a description in the fields below the processing bar and select Publish when done. 

Step 3: Whether you have just uploaded your video or have it on YouTube already, click Share and then will see a link produced below. (For those that had your video on YouTube already, click on your video through the ‘My Channel’ option or through the search field and select ‘Share’ below). Highlight the share link and then right click to select ‘Copy’. 

Step 4: Now you have copied this ‘share link’, log in to you Kent-Teach School account and select School Details along the top bar. Scroll down to the ‘Video URL’ field and right click in this field to ‘Paste’ the link. You must add a video description before saving and then you are done! 

The following video guides you through the process:

Any problems, contact us on kent.teach@kent.gov.uk or 03000 410203.

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