8 Reasons to Use the Kent-Teach Online Application Form

We recommend that all our school customers use the Kent-Teach online application form, regardless of the advertising package that you are on. But why do we recommend that schools use our online application form,instead of your own? Can it really make that much difference to the number of job applications you will receive? The answer is yes! 

Read on to find out 8 reasons why using the Kent-Teach online application process,will support your school's recruitment drives and increase the number of applicants applying for your vacancies:

1) Receive More Applications 

Using the Kent-Teach application form makes it easier and quicker for candidates to apply for your vacancy. Once a candidate registers for Kent-Teach and completes an application form once, our database stores their information for the next time they apply for a job. The only thing that candidates must complete every time they apply for a job is the reason for application, as we advise that they should tailor this to the specific role they are applying for. This means you are more likely to receive a higher number of applications to the job vacancy as it is quick and easy to apply for. 

2) Comply With GDPR

When a candidate applies for a vacancy on Kent-Teach, it is stored in our online database and is available for schools to read for 6 months after the advert closes. This ensures that your recruitment process complies with General Data Protection Regulations. You can also be rest assured that the data is stored securely to take any worry away from the school and how they store paper or electronic applications. 

3) Branded with the School’s Logo and Name

Although the application form is owned by Kent-Teach, we include the school’s logo and name on the form to personalise the form to each and every one of our schools and education providers.

4) Stay Up to Date with Recruitment Legislation

Recruitment legislation changes over time, which means that Kent-Teach are constantly reviewing our application form, the wording, and the questions we ask applicants, to make sure it complies with all the necessary legislation. So, take the worry out of recruitment by using our online application process.

5) Contact Candidates Directly Through the Website 

Our website allows you to contact candidates via email using our website functions. You are able to email individual candidates or send out bulk emails to decline applicants or invite them to an interview. A record will also be kept of the email on our website for your records. 

6) Retain More Candidates Through the Application Process

When schools provide their own application form for candidates to download and send into the school directly, we often receive phone calls from applicants who are having trouble downloading the form, completing it, or are simply unsure where to send the completed document. It is important to make the application process as straight forward as possible as you do not want any potential applicants to give up if the process is unclear or difficult. There is a lot of competition out there for quality candidates, so you want to attract as many as possible with a simple application process. You have done the hard work in attracting a job seeker, don’t lose them at the application stage!

7) Application Process Will Be Consistent

Sometimes vacancies are collected from Kent-Teach onto aggregated jobs boards without the instruction of the school, this is often beneficial as you could benefit from free additional advertising. If the vacancy is picked up by an external recruitment advertising website, the applicant should still be referred to the Kent-Teach application form to apply for the post, which will ensure your recruitment process remains compliant.

8) Receive Instant Notifications When Candidates Applies for Vacancies

When an applicant applies for your vacancy, you will receive an email notification to prompt you to log in and view the application and supporting documents (if provided) in the school’s account. This means if you are out of the office, you are still able to access applications on the go by logging into your secure school advertising account.

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