Beach Day Activities for Kids

Summer is finally here, which makes it the best time to hit the beach for some fun in the sun! While splashing about in the sea is exciting, you will need some relaxation time away from the waves. Luckily, we’ve got some great activities your little ones can enjoy both in the sand and even for an at-home beach day in your garden.

Coastal Art

Part of what makes the beach so beautiful is its vibrant colours like sandy golds and emerald greens. Encourage your kids to collect seashells to later frame as wall art back at home. You can even fill stylish glass jars with sand from your beach trip to display as home decor with the wall art.

Pirate’s Treasure Hunt

As a kid, nothing gets more exciting than donning your eye-patch and peg-leg before venturing into the seven-seas. To help your kids become full-fledged beach pirates, they’re going to need some treasure to hunt.

To get started, print out the treasure hunt clues below. Cut out each clue and hide them around the locations indicated. Each clue should lead to the next until, eventually, your little pirates find their treasure. 

Whether the treasure is a homemade treat or a new toy, your kids are sure to get excited when their hard work pays off. 

[Printable Treasure Hunt Download]

Beach-Themed Bingo

Once the kids are tired out after treasure hunting, the family can play a restful game of beach-themed Bingo together. Print out one of the below cards for each of your kids, along with an extra card that parents can use to call out each ocean-themed item

[Printable Beach Day Bingo]

Lifeguard Sign

Last but not least, no beach can be complete without a lifeguard. Use a chair with an umbrella to designate your lifeguard stand. As a finishing touch, decorate your stand with the printable lifeguard pool sign below.

To add an extra element of pizzazz to your beach or outdoor picnic spot, you can light up some tiki torches outside. This will help repel insects at sunset and keep your family mosquito-bite-free.

[Printable Lifeguard Pool Sign Download]

For some extra fun back at home, the kids can take turns being the “lifeguard in charge.” Whether deciding to play Marco Polo or choosing the next activity you do as a family, they make the rules!

On days a family beach trip isn’t feasible, you can always turn your backyard into the perfect place for summer fun. With a little bit of creativity and decoration, a back garden “beach day” can be the highlight of your children’s summer holiday. 

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To celebrate our blue planet, we have put together some fun ocean activities for your children to enjoy. These ocean-themed games are a great way to keep your kids entertained while learning important skills on a day at the beach or simply a day at home during the summer holidays. 
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