4 Simple Christmas Crafts for Kids

This blog has been updated for 2023.

Sometimes it's hard to book a lot of expensive activities outside of the home for your little ones, or you need some fresh craft ideas for your students at school. So, these hands-on Christmas craft ideas are perfect to entertain little ones over the Christmas holiday, while encouraging creativity, resourcefulness and written communication skills.

1) Crafty Christmas Cards

We’re starting with the obvious here, but kids will love the opportunity to get out the pens, pencils, glitter and glue (sorry for the mess, parents and carers!). Print out some Christmas-themed images for reference or have fun seeing who can come up with the most creative Christmas scene. 

If you have some materials to hand, why not try incorporating fabric, foil or glitter glue into your Christmas cards to encourage even more imagination? Check out these Christmas Card ideas for inspiration.

What’s more, you can also encourage children to practice their handwriting and spelling skills while writing out cards to family and friends.

2) Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

Well, perhaps not actual holly, but you can certainly make your own Christmas tree and house decorations. All you will need is some thick paper or card, some scissors (perhaps with an adult supervisor to help out) and plenty of creativity! 

If you prefer, you could buy some cheap plastic baubles and paint on your own festive designs. These will also make a great keepsake that can be placed on the tree year after year. 

3) Homemade Sweet Treats

A homemade gift is a wonderful thing! If you fancy spending a couple of hours in the kitchen baking some delicious treats for family and friends, why not give one of these recipes a try:

Christmas Stained Glass Biscuits

These pretty biscuits from BBC Good Food are bound to impress! With a ‘stained glass’ centre made from melted boiled sweets, these are traditional gingerbread biscuits with a twist.

Banoffee Chocolate Cups 

Made with chocolate, dulce de leche and banana chips, these banoffee flavoured bits are guaranteed to go down a treat.

If you’re looking for more delicious Christmas gift ideas, check out these 3 Handmade Christmas Chocolate Gifts.

4) Walking in a (Miniature) Winter Wonderland

Did you used to love watching the magical world inside of a snow globe when you were younger? If so, why not make your own this Christmas! 

To create your snow globe, you will need:

- A jam jar 

- A waterproof figurine 

- White modelling clay

- Strong clear glue

- 2-3 tsp glycerine

- ½-1 tsp biodegradable glitter

- Ribbon (optional)

Find the full method on BBC Good Food here.

Snowglobe Top Iips: 

• Try to use a jar with a rubber seal on the inside as this is most likely to be watertight. 

• Normal tap water is fine, but if you have cloudy water you may wish to use filtered or store-bought water for a clear result.

• Glycerine can be found in the baking aisle of supermarkets and craft shops, or you can buy it online. Alternatively, you can fill your snowglobe with baby oil instead for the same effect. 

If you're hoping for a Christmas party with long distance friends and family, we've got some great ways to have festive fun through video calls! Check out our Top Tips for Holding an Awesome Virtual Christmas Party.

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