5 Common Interview Questions For Teachers

If you've landed an interview for a teaching position, you're likely quite excited. You're probably trying to predict some of the questions the interviewer will ask you at the meeting. A teaching interview is your opportunity to show off your knowledge, skills and experience. Ensure that you have prepared and planned answers to specific questions. Your passion and enthusiasm for teaching should be reflected in the answers you give. 

Here are some vital tips for answering interview questions, just remember to personalise your answers! 

1) What type of teacher are you? 

You need to have a philosophy of teaching if you want to become an influential educator. The chances are that somewhere along the lines in your undergraduate or graduate studies, someone asked you to consider your philosophy of teaching and to craft a written piece on it. Before you go to the interview, dig up this old work, review it and see what you must add on now.

2) What is an example of a lesson that you would use?

You need to have sample lessons. Know the position that you are applying for well so that you can gear the lessons toward that population, subject area and level of education. Many teacher training programs require student-teaching experiences before graduation. Consider some of the lessons that you implemented then. Of course, revisit them to improve the material before the interview. 

3) Why do you want to be a teacher?

Some people go into teaching because they want to have time off in the summer, and this reason is certainly the wrong one for entering the field. Also, you do not want to express your eagerness for summer break during the interview. Speak about the reasons why you want to educate children. You can also think about what you like to motivate young learners and help them to establish better learning skills. 

4) How will you motivate students?

You can have the best ideas in the world, but if you don't know how to encourage children to participate in the activities, you will not succeed as a teacher. Think about students who are difficult to motivate. Consider what you will do if students rebel against completing their work or are having difficulty getting started when the lesson begins. 

5) How will you handle classroom management?

Even when your students adore you as a teacher, days are going to exist when the students do not want to work, and you lose their attention. Having some classroom management strategies ready to discuss will show the interview panel that you know such issues will arise and how to handle them. 

Remember that you want to speak naturally during the interview. You should certainly aim to practice, but do not sound as though you are reading from a list of memorised answers. While understanding that interviews can vary based on level, subject, and other factors, reviewing common questions if interviewing for a teacher position can undoubtedly help. 

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