5 Small Steps to Support My Wellbeing

There is such a concentration on wellbeing. And why shouldn’t there be? We are in a world that never sleeps! I recently read an article which highlighted how the majority of us see sleep as a luxury and not a necessity. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? 

We deprive ourselves of sleep which helps our brain work and repairs our vessels. It really challenged my thinking on sleep. I was definitely one of those people! I would literally prioritise my to-do list before going to sleep. I would find myself still awake at 3-4 o’clock in the morning. Then back up between 6-7 in the morning to do it all again. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I’m not saying everyone should be in bed by 10 every night because that’s silly too. But sometimes we need to challenge our thinking to change it. 

There has been so much information being put out there to support people on looking after themselves that I’m going to start with something small and manageable. 

I really believe accomplishment, fulfilment and achievement can support your wellbeing!

The sense of those three words can really raise your spirits. These achievements don’t have to be big, they can be managed by you. It’s setting small goals. I mean if your goal is going to be booking a last-minute holiday to Florida then go for it, it really is for you to take charge and give yourself the time you need. Even though we are now in the summer holidays people still have so much going on. 

For me, I have pre-readings, three essays and a job to keep working until my teacher training course starts in September. So, I have decided to list five things that I want to do before I start in September. 

1. Read a book

I cannot wait to read a fictional book. Start to finish! A non-educational textbook. 

2. ‘Spring’ Clean

Okay, so it isn’t spring anymore but I already have a weekend booked up to give the house a good clear out. How good will it be to refresh my living space?

3. Use my spa experience

It’s been sitting in my drawer for six months now – never finding the time to go until now… 

4. Saving the bees!

I want to plant some lovely looking flowers to help the bees. I don’t have green fingers and I’m not transforming the garden. But planting a few pots here and there will be fun. 

5. Movie Marathon

I haven’t decided which movies yet but when I wake up on my day off to dark skies (which we can rely on in England) I already know what I will be doing. 

Not only will I have a sense of achievement by completing these five things but each of these will give me time to do things that I enjoy. Of course, I won’t be just setting goals for the summer holidays. Setting small goals of time for myself will be my way of ensuring time for myself during my training in September. What do you think? Any tips you want to add? 

Happy Summer Everyone!

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