Celebrate reading with National Bookstart Week on the 6th – 12th June!

National Bookstart Week is an annual event celebrating books, and encouraging families to read every day. It starts on the 6th of June and runs through to the 12th of June this year.

The theme for this year is ‘Under the Sea’. The book that has been chosen by Bookstart is ‘A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea’ and BookTrust is giving out 450,000 copies of this particular book to children who attend a National Book Start event. Why not get yourself a copy? Libraries around Kent will be holding events to celebrate the week, so keep an eye out for those! Visit the Kent County Council website to find your nearest library. 

You can read along with an online version of the A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea’ and here are some fun sea themed downloadable activity sheets. If you're not sure where to start then here are some tips on reading with children.

We have chosen a selection of books relating to ‘Under the Sea’ that will cater for a range of ages. 

Life in the Ocean by Claire A. Nivola: This book describes the story of the Oceanographer Sylvia Earle. It follows her quest to discover more of and about the sea. She works in a deep sea laboratory and swims alongside the sea creatures.

Mermaids: The Myths, Legends, & Lore by Skye Alexander: This book provides the reader with knowledge on mermaids and the sea, as well as illustrations. It includes poems, songs and folklore and is ideal for older children and adults! 

Under the Sea by Fiona Patchett: This book is great for KS1 readers. It is easy to read and holds information and facts about creatures you can find under the sea. 

I Spy Under the Sea by Edward Gibbs: Ideal for pre-school children, this book is based on the well-known ‘I Spy’ game. Readers are shown part of a sea creature through a spy hole and are encouraged to guess which sea creature it is. 

Secret Under the Sea by Gordon R. Dickson: This book tells the story of Robby who lives in an Underwater Research Station. He sets out to investigate what has frightened the dolphins and finds something unknown lurking in the sea! 

See Under the Sea by Kate Davies and Colin King: With over 80 flaps to lift and explore the world under the sea. This is ideal for younger readers that want to learn more! 

The Fisherman Under the Sea by Myoko Matsutani & Chihiro Iwasaki: This is a Japanese Folk Tale about a fisherman recues a turtle and discovers the world under the sea.

The Fish Who Could Wish by Josh Bush: Meet the fish who has unlimited wishes and is not afraid to use them! However one day he makes a mistake and cannot rectify it! 

Winnie Under the Sea by Valeria Thomas and Korky Paul: Read about how Winnie and her cat, Wilbur go to the seaside. Winnie loves to dive beneath the ocean waves and decides to turn Wilbur into a cat fish. Read all about their adventures under the sea. 

Shadows Under the Sea by Sally Grindley: This book describes how two children travel the world helping animals on the verge of extinction as part of a seahorse project in a marine protected area.

Little Trish and Her Adventures Under the Sea by Helena Toscano: Read about Little Trish’s adventure into the water, where she grows a mermaid tail and finds out what it’s like to live under the sea. She meets clown fish, seahorses, a school of fish and a star fish! 

The above books are just a small selection of books related to Under the Sea. Why not go to your local library and find more to read! 

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