What is Hygge?

Hygge, pronounced “Hoo-ga”, is a Danish cultural concept about making homes nicer and people happier. In English it translates to “cosiness” and relates to an optimistic attitude to life. Hygge doesn’t have to be limited to the winter season but in Denmark the weather is mostly cold throughout the year.

Iceland, Switzerland and Denmark exercise this Hygge concept very well as a survey has shown that they are the top three happiest countries in the world.

How to achieve Hygge?

  • Sitting by the fire on a cold night surrounded by candles, wearing a woolly jumper, while drinking mulled wine and stroking your favourite pet (mine’s a dog!)
  • Watching TV under a duvet and eating comfort food (home-made pastries etc)
  • Family gatherings at Christmas
  • Playing in the winter snow outside your house with family and friends
  • Time spent reading a good book in the comfort of your warm home
  • Enjoying your favourite foods (not following a strict diet)
  • Having a BBQ along the seafront watching the beautiful sunset
  • Watching the sunrise, on a balcony (for the best view)
  • Visiting your favourite local places

All of the above could involve spending time with the people you care about, or being on your own if you prefer your own company; whatever way you choose to relax and feel as at home as possible, forgetting life’s worries.

Hygge activities could include being in the comfort of your own home or visiting places you enjoy which may have sentimental value too. All of which will contribute to allowing you to feel at home and relax in a comfortable setting.

How about you try out Hygge and let us know how you accomplish it. Or take the concept one step further and visit Denmark to see for yourself their relaxing cultural activities. You may already do Hygge regularly but are not aware of it!

Remember, it’s all about holding a positive attitude, relaxing and trying to forget about your worries.

Happy Hygge-ing!



With the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to change our lives, it is inevitable that we will feel disorientated and overwhelmed. It is important that we look after our mental wellbeing and prevent ourselves from escalating into panic. If you’re feeling anxious about everything that is going on, why not take a moment to carry out mindfulness

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