10 Reasons to Feel Good About Winter

Winter is cold, dark, damp and let's admit, it can be downright miserable. On top of that, it feels like it lasts forever!

But it does have a good side, we no longer have to suffer the embarrassing summer sweats, we get to change our wardrobe because we're bored of wearing t-shirts, and we can ditch the salads for more substantial food.

So here is a list of 10 things to remind you why winter is great, especially for those days when going to work in the cold and dark is getting to you just a little bit.  

1) Open fires

Nothing beats an open fire when you step in from the cold. 

2) Wrapping up warm

The combination of coats, woolly scarves, bobble hats, gloves, and boots make you feel oh-so cosy.  

3) Nights in

Catch up on your reading, watch that series you've been meaning to see, dig out the board games, invite your friends for dinner instead of going out because staying in is the new going out!

4) Comfort food

This is why winter was created, rustic soups, chilli, pies, mac and cheese, getting hungry yet?! Just remember to keep it healthy and watch the portion size!

5) Blankets & onesies

These are essential ingredients for winter nights in.

6) Hot chocolate

Chocolate and marshmallows. Need we say more?!

7) Hot water bottles

Your most huggable winter BFF.

8) Snow

Love it or hate it, it's the stuff of childhood and no one fails to get excited when it starts to snow.

9) Outdoor skating

There's something about being outside that makes skating so much better!

10) Christmas & New Year

Presents, trees, pretty lights, carols, overeating, time off work, seeing friends and family, parties, countdown to midnight, goodwill and giving, 'tis definitely the season to be jolly.


What are your favourite things about winter? Share them with us.

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