Make the Most of Your Half-Term

Well done – you made it through the first half-term of the new academic year!  It can feel a bit like you have just made it through a warzone and with the weather getting colder and the nights getting longer it is tempting to just close the door and hibernate for a week.   But half-term is the perfect time to not only rest and recuperate but also to get out and enjoy yourself before the tricky winter term.

Here are our tips for making the most of your half term:

Plan the week

Yes it is tempting to “go with the flow” and not plan for much this week but not planning can also mean that the lure of pyjamas and Netflix can be too much to resist.  Schedule in some downtime but also make plans to meet up with friends you never get to see, go to that restaurant you have been meaning to try and (the ultimate naughty teacher feeling) stay out late on a week night!  Taking the time to do the things you never normally have time to do will make you feel rejuvenated and more ready to go back to school the following week.

Don’t drown in School work

Easier said than done!  The reality is that at least some of your week will be taken up with marking or planning but be strict with yourself as you need time off too.  Schedule in allocated times to concentrate on work and stick to it; don’t procrastinate, don’t take another tea break – get it done and then pack it away and move on to more fun things.

Be creative

If you have children to entertain then arts and crafts are a great way to keep them busy when they are stuck indoors because of the weather.  Even if you don’t have children don’t overlook the benefit of taking some time to do something creative.  Get stuck in to a DIY project, get some inspiration flowing with art or poetry, try colouring in for adults (it’s the new stress relieving trend) or carve a pumpkin ready for Halloween.


Don’t forget about the all-important “me” time.  Whether relaxing for you means catching up on the latest box set, curling up with a book, retail therapy or a long autumnal walk in the country; make sure you find the time to do the things you enjoy this week.

Get out and about

Even if the weather isn’t great this week there is still no good reason to stay locked up indoors.  It’s important to get out and get some fresh air in order to feel refreshed and ready for the next half-term:

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