10 Inspiring Ted Talks all Educators should watch!

We all know that, whilst rewarding, teaching is a stressful job and it can be hard to get motivated day in, day out.  We have found these 10 Ted Talks by people working in and around education all over the world which are full of creative thinking and inspiring ideas that you can bring to your schools.

1. How to fix a broken School?  Lead fearlessly, love hard by Linda Cliatt-Wayman

Linda shares the 3 principles that have helped her turn around 3 schools labelled “low-performing and persistently dangerous”


2. How schools kill creativity by Ken Robinson

Ken puts forward his case for building an education system that nurtures creativity. 

3. Education Innovation in the slums by Charles Leadbeater

Charles is a researcher at London think tank Demos and went looking for new forms of education in the slums of Rio and Kibera.


4. Teach teachers how to create magic by Christopher Emdin

Christopher says that teachers should be taught how to captivate and enthral as an essential part of teacher training.


5. A teacher growing green in the South Bronx by Stephen Ritz

Stephen teaches in the tough South Bronx of New York.  Listen to how he inspired his students by going green in the classroom.


6. Every kid needs a champion by Rita F. Pierson

Rita has been teaching for 40 years and passionately believes that teachers need to connect with their students because “Kids don’t learn from people they don’t like”.


7. How to learn?  From mistakes by Diana Laufenberg

After teaching across America, Diana shares the important lessons she has learned and tells of the importance of allowing students to make mistakes.


8. Three Rules to Spark Learning by Ramsey Musallam

As a high school chemistry teacher, Ramsey gives a personal talk on how to spark imagination and learning using his 3 rules. 


9. Our failing schools.  Enough is enough by Geoffrey Canada

Education advocate Geoffrey asks why education is still clinging to an out of date business model and makes a case for changing the education system.


10. Kids, take charge by Kiran Sethi

Kiran is the founder of the Riverside School in India which encourages the children to tackle local issues themselves and lead others along the way.

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