Back to Basics: Advert Writing

Kent-Teach’s Tips for Advert writing

With the Easter holidays well under way and the summer term right around the corner, it’s time for schools that haven’t already done so to think about teacher recruitment for September 2015.  

Whether you are seeking to recruit talented NQTs or teachers with a wealth of experience, here are some top tips to ensure you attract good quality candidates through your recruitment process:

1.    Tailor the advert specifically to your vacancy

2.    Think about the type of person you want to recruit and build the adverts using words and phrases that would appeal to them

3.    Keep your advert short and to the point

4.    Show what a great opportunity you are offering by thinking about your school’s unique selling points

5.    Avoid writing a “wish list” and think about what you can offer candidates in return for what they will bring

6.    Ensure your Person Specification is well thought out providing clear criteria to mark candidates against.  Candidates should use this to evidence their experience and suitability for the role.

7.    Every school is different and offer their own unique challenges and opportunities; make sure this is reflected in your Job Description 

If you would like more information and guidance about advert writing and best practice, please get in touch with the Kent-Teach team.

Please note that our monthly customers can take advantage of our copywriting service included in your package.

Good Luck!

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