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Primary Classroom Teacher - Full-time

Haberdashers' Slade Green Primary Slade Green

Pay:Band: M1 - M6 (£34,568 - £46,060). TLR available Ref:KCC303-2072-22T

Start Date:2nd September 2024 Advert Close Date:22/02/2024View Job

Class Teacher - Full-time

Laddingford CEP School Maidstone

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-3091-119T

Start Date:September 2024 or earlier for the right candidate Advert Close Date:23/02/2024View Job

Ks2 Teacher - Full-time

Senacre Wood Primary School Maidstone

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2586-99T

Start Date:15th April 2024 Advert Close Date:23/02/2024View Job

Teachers - Full-time

Knockhall Primary School Greenhithe

Pay:MPS 1 - 6 Ref:KCC886-2092-153T

Start Date:Summer and Autumn terms Advert Close Date:25/02/2024View Job

Unqualified Teacher - Full-time

Oasis Academy Skinner Street Gillingham

Pay:U1-6 Ref:KCC887-2006-81T

Start Date:Immediate Advert Close Date:25/02/2024View Job

Key Stage 2 Teacher - Full-time

St John's Catholic Primary School Gravesend

Pay:MPS or UPS Ref:KCC886-3708-122T

Start Date:Easter 2024 Advert Close Date:25/02/2024View Job

Class Teacher - Full-time

King's Farm Primary School Gravesend

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:MPS/UPS Ref:KCC886-2674-154T

Start Date:September 2024 Advert Close Date:26/02/2024View Job

Key Stage 2 Teacher - Fixed Term

Bishop Chavasse Primary School Tonbridge

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2086-102T

Start Date:15 April 2024 Advert Close Date:28/02/2024View Job

Teacher - Full-time/Part-time

Greenfields School Biddenden

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/KS2/KS3

Pay:£35,840 per annum Ref:KCC886-6084-93T

Start Date:Immediate Advert Close Date:28/02/2024View Job

Ks2 Class Teacher - Full-time

Royal Rise Primary School Tonbridge

Subsidiary Subject: KS2

Pay:Main pay scale £30,000-£41,333 Ref:KCC886-2085-239T

Start Date:April 2024 Advert Close Date:28/02/2024View Job

Upper Key Stage 2 Teacher - Maternity

Archbishop Courtenay Primary School Maidstone

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2027-131T

Start Date:TBC Advert Close Date:29/02/2024View Job

Class Teacher - Full-time

Jubilee Primary School Maidstone

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2043-172T

Start Date:Immediate Advert Close Date:29/02/2024View Job

Maternity Cover - Part-time

The Craylands School Swanscombe

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2689-215T

Start Date:15th April or 3rd June Advert Close Date:01/03/2024View Job

Classroom Teachers - Full-time

Thinking Schools Academy Trust Chatham

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:£30,862 - £47,182 + TLR Opportunities Ref:KCC-F40-101-T

Start Date:September 2024 Advert Close Date:03/03/2024View Job

Full -Time Permanent Term Class Teacher - Full-time

Swingate Primary School Chatham

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC887-2549-106T

Start Date:1st September 2024 Advert Close Date:04/03/2024View Job

Class Teacher Covering Maternity from Easter 2024 - Full-time

Crockenhill Primary School Crockenhill

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2088-118T

Start Date:15/04/24 Advert Close Date:04/03/2024View Job

Classroom Teacher - Full-time

Valley Invicta Primary School at Aylesford Aylesford

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:VIAT Main Pay Scale or Upper Pay Scale Ref:KCC886-2030-153T

Start Date:September 2024 Advert Close Date:04/03/2024View Job

Class Teacher - Fixed Term

Meopham Community Academy Meopham

Subsidiary Subject: KS2

Pay:Main Pay Scale Ref:KCC886-2656-289T

Start Date:ASAP Advert Close Date:05/03/2024View Job

Teacher - Full-time

River Mill Primary School Dartford

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:MPS £31,350 - £42,689 Ref:KCC886-2112-79T

Start Date:29th August 2024 Advert Close Date:05/03/2024View Job

Year 4 Class Teacher (Maternity Cover) - Maternity

Warden House Primary School Deal

Pay:Pay Scale: MPS Ref:KCC886-2307-112T

Start Date:15th April 2024 Advert Close Date:06/03/2024View Job

Year 3 Teacher - Part-time

The Willesborough Schools Ashford

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC-F56-20-T

Start Date:April 15th 2024 (Term 5) Advert Close Date:08/03/2024View Job

Class Teacher - Full-time

Inspire Partnership Academy Trust Rochester

Pay:MPS/UPS Ref:KCC-F78-41-T

Start Date:TBC Advert Close Date:09/03/2024View Job

Year 4 Classroom Teacher (Maternity Cover) - Fixed Term

The Howard Academy Trust

Subsidiary Subject: KS2

Pay:MPS/UPS Ref:KCC-F96-61-T

Start Date:April 2024 Advert Close Date:11/03/2024View Job

Classroom Teacher - Key Stage 2 - Full-time

Valley Invicta Academies Trust Maidstone

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC-F38-49-T

Start Date:September 2024 Advert Close Date:13/03/2024View Job

SEN Class Teacher - Full-time

Parkway Primary Erith

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:Bexley MPS £34,514-£46,001 + SEN Allowance Ref:KCC303-2059-11T

Start Date:Summer/Autumn Advert Close Date:15/03/2024View Job

Key Stage 2 Class Teacher - Full-time

St Laurence in Thanet CE Junior Academy Ramsgate

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2014-93T

Start Date:September 2024 Advert Close Date:15/03/2024View Job

Teacher - Full-time/Part-time

Bishops Down Primary and Nursery School Tunbridge Wells

Pay:Main Scale Ref:KCC886-2490-206T

Start Date:Immediate Advert Close Date:18/03/2024View Job

SEN Class Teacher - Full-time

Little Acorns Tenterden

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-6085-24T

Start Date:ASAP/ Sept 24 Advert Close Date:18/03/2024View Job

Teacher - Full-time

Caldecott Foundation School Ashford

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:MPS and SEN Allowance Ref:KCC886-7003-118T

Start Date:September 2024 Advert Close Date:15/04/2024View Job

Additional Teacher - Fixed Term

Loose Primary School Maidstone

Subsidiary Subject: KS1/2

Pay:MPS Ref:KCC886-2044-267T

Start Date:Agreed date once recruitment checks completed Advert Close Date:05/07/2024View Job

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