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You can also view our latest Ofsted report and our most recent SIAMS report.

Wouldham All Saints Church of England Primary School is a village school nestling close to the banks of the River Medway and close to both the M20 and M2 motorways. The school has grown significantly over the past few years having moved into a new, modern, spacious learning environment.  The school sits in extensive grounds which includes garden area, sports court, field, daily mile track, ‘reading boat’ and playground.

The school prides itself on the provision of a high quality learning experience that enables all children to feel valued and welcomed as part of the school family. We set and maintain high expectations in standards of achievement and behaviour and then share these clearly with all concerned.  
We work hard to ensure that children are led to be well rounded, empathetic young people who have a genuine passion for learning and enabled to live life in all its fullness.
Children need to Fly HIGH which summarises our school mission to ...
Be HAPPY to be God's special children
Strive to be IMPROVING all of the time
Work hard at being GOOD at communicating
With HIGH expectations of ourselves and each other
We 'make our best our standard' – pushing for excellence in all things.
At Wouldham All Saints Church of England Primary School we strive to enjoy our learning and make it as much fun and as meaningful and relevant to everyday life as possible. 
We provide a safe, calm, creative, inclusive and stimulating learning environment. Every child is recognised and valued as an individual – with interests, abilities and backgrounds that are unique. Teachers identify, support and capitalise on these qualities through their planning and selection of learning activities, involving each child as they journey together.
Being a Church of England school drives our Christian values of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control which permeates all that we do – both in learning about ourselves and the wider world in which we live.
The school is passionate about educating the whole child and ensure that we provide pupils with a rich and wide range of experiences and opportunities.  We make great use of our village location and encourage outdoor learning and visits to local landmarks.  Our fleet of minibuses also allows us to take pupils slightly further afield to build on learning beyond the classroom.  These trips have recently included; orienteering at Shorne Country Park, Forest School, Maidstone Library, Chislehurst Caves and visits to the coast.  In addition, the school undertakes a number of residential trips including to Bewl (Year 5), Snowdon and France.

We are oversubscribed with waiting lists in most year groups. We also host a satellite provision of Nexus Foundation Special School, working closely with the team to provide high quality inclusion for all.

The Senior Leadership Team currently consists of a Headteacher and 2 Assistant Headteachers who work collaboratively with the SENDCo, Family Leads (Year Leads) and subject leaders to provide leadership in all areas across the school.

Please find below a message from year 6 pupils who describe our school better than anyone:

"At Wouldham All Saints School, we believe everyone is different, but everyone can learn and do their best. Our school isn’t a sit down in a chair and work on a table for hours a day type of school.  We have an incredible, enthusiastic attitude to learning outdoors and we get so many wider experiences.  Our teachers understand that people learn in different ways, and they often put a twist to learning and we have active lessons outside. Learning whilst having fun.

As well as great teaching, there are great friendships and amazing kindness; No-one ever is left to feel lonely and are comforted if sad.  We have respect for how we each learn, listen to how each other feels and accept each other. Of course, we are not saying we are perfect, but it is a marvellous school and it is quite unique.

Now if this were an ordinary school, I would have stopped at writing ‘unique’ but this is not ordinary it is ‘extraordinary’. We are renowned for exciting residentials including trips to France, Snowdonia, Bewl Water Outdoor centre.  Our PE includes swimming for every year group, climbing and watersports like kayaking and paddle-boarding. Every child gets to take part.

We would love our new headteacher to keep supporting our wider experiences like our residentials, the music lessons and all the extra-curricular activities, because they really help us come on with our learning. Please don’t turn it into the stereotypical school where learning is reduced to sitting at a desk, listening to bland boring words. We want to stay as the fun, exquisite school we love!"

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