Holmewood House School

Tunbridge Wells

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Holmewood House is a prestigious independent Prep School of 470 pupils aged 3-13 years, set amidst 32 acres of the most beautiful Kent countryside, just outside Tunbridge Wells. The School is a happy and supportive working environment, where we pride ourselves on the exceptional provision for our pupils and staff in all areas.

Holmewood House provides a broad, well balanced curriculum with outstanding teachers in what is very much a family school where the positive relationships between the teachers and children allows staff to get to know and understand the individual needs of each and every child. They foster their talents and nurture their growth through a challenging and exciting curriculum.

The school wholeheartedly believes that emotional and social well-being, self esteem, happiness and confidence are of prime importance and are in themselves inextricably linked to academic progress. Staff are excited by the curiosity and thirst for learning that each child, regardless of their ability, naturally displays. They work hard to allow each child to ask why, to query and to have the time to develop their thoughts into fresh discoveries and innovations and, in doing so, overcome the challenges faced. The end result is the celebration of learning - a reward in its own right!

The wonderful environment and outstanding facilities provide a strong framework upon which the ethos of allowing children to be children can be achieved. Childhood is full of exciting new experiences which, parents and teachers relive, through the eyes and laughter of the children.

The relationship between home and school is of fundamental importance in ensuring every child is surrounded by the love, care and guidance which they require as they make their way through their educational journey. In short, the partnership allows the children to enjoy the most important journey of all: childhood.

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Holmewood House School

Tunbridge Wells


Holmewood House School
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