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Challock Primary School

  • District: Ashford
  • Headteacher: Mrs S Sweet
  • Telephone: (01233) 740286
  • DfES Number: 886 2280
  • Phase: Primary
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School Description

Challock is a unique school. As soon as you cross the threshold you get the most amazing feeling of warmth and happiness. There is a spark in the air which exemplifies energy, excited engagement and a love of learning, where everyone, whether child or adult, is a committed partner in learning and development. Everyone is valued and everyone’s happiness and well-being is a central feature of our environment. We are a caring school that nurtures all within it – we are a family.

We believe in providing a curriculum for excellence, built around the needs of the pupils within our school. We have exciting and forward thinking schemes of work in all areas and we are consistently seeking new ways of enabling our children to succeed in order to support them in becoming the very best they can be. As a team, and in consultation with our children, we are constantly reflecting on how we can weave our pupils’ interests and passions into their daily learning. Our aim is to not only ensure our children exceed academically, but to develop truly amazing individuals who will thrive and make positive contributions to our future society.

Every child in our school is special and staff pride themselves in helping them to realise and achieve their potential and beyond. The way we work and the things we believe in will ensure our children will leave us as:

Confident individuals Active and aspirational learners Responsible citizens Effective team members

We CARE – children will develop the following key skills: Respect; Honesty; Resilience; Responsibility; Co-operation; Independence.

Challock Primary School is a wonderful place to begin a life-long journey of learning and education and everyone in our school truly appreciates that; as our school council perfectly put it:

‘We are proud of our school and we are proud of each other.’

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Challock Primary School



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