James’ Story

My sport is triathlon and consists of swimming, cycling and running. I train twice a day, 6 times a week and race around 12 races a year. Following work at the London Olympics, I decided to leave mainstream sports and try something that I hadn't before. I could swim...but only to stay alive and not in a fast way. Following coaching and endless training, I came 7th in my first complete tri. One and half years after this I qualified for the GB age group team and subsequently came 9th in Europe.

My sports and recreation have influenced my teaching hugely. They have made me more patient by being fitter and therefore happier and stronger physically to meet the demands of teaching. They have taught me, and the children, perseverance and courage to try new things. They have also taught me to never give up on my dreams, as I always dreamed of representing my country and thought that this may never happen. Furthermore, my passion for minority sports has swollen, with me organising many primary school triathlons thus benefiting the children who wish to try all three disciplines. I have also introduced many children to local athletics clubs where they may previously have feared taking that step. My life is a 3 way balance between my family, my teaching job and my sport - kind of like a 'life triathlon'. Just like my actual triathlon training, I never feel that I am working effectively in all three elements; but life and triathlons have taught me that you have to accept that you can never be constantly be effective at all three and the key is accepting that fact, and making the best of what you can do.