Advice and best Practice

Leadership Recruitment


Every school is different and every teacher within that school is different; taking the time to really think about your vacancy and what you require for the role can actually save you a lot of time, money and resources. Having suitable and bespoke recruitment documents will help candidates understand the requirements of the role and will help you to shortlist efficiently and effectively.

Writing an Advert

Keep your advert short and to the point and use the opportunity to really sell your school to them. Remember that advertising a vacancy is a two way street and that you need to show what a great opportunity you are offering by thinking about your school’s unique selling points.

Avoid writing a “wishlist” and think about what you can offer candidates in return for what they will bring. For instance, does your school have a good CPD programme? Are there many opportunities for progression? Does the school offer a particular challenge that candidates might find exciting?

Job Descriptions & Person Specifications

Every school is different and offer their own unique challenges and opportunities; make sure this is reflected in your Job Description and Person Specification by adapting them for your school and for your vacancy.

There is no national generic Job Description for teaching but the Professional Standards for Teachers and the School Teacher's Pay and Conditions documents set out the expected attributes of the Main Scale, Post Threshold, Advanced Skills and Excellent Teachers and can be drawn on for your Job Descriptions.

A well thought out Person Specification will help potential candidates to determine if they have the right skills for the role. It will also make shortlisting easier by providing clear criteria to mark candidates against. Candidates should use this to evidence their experience and suitability for the role.

You can also talk to us about Executive Searches, advertising in additional publications and bespoke solutions. Please contact the team directly to see how we can help.