Leigh Primary School


Leigh Primary School

The Green 
TN11 8QP
(01732) 832660
Rahim Rajan, Vice-Chair of Governors rrajan@leigh.kent.sch.uk

We hope the videos and information on this site provide you with an excellent introduction. We will be holding virtual Q&A sessions on 25th February at 6.30pm and 3rd March at 5pm for you to ask any questions about the vacancy.   Please get in touch with the school on 01732 832660 for more information. We may also be able to offer a tour of the school although with the current restrictions we will need to make specific arrangements for this.  Questions can be directed to rrajan@leigh.kent.sch.uk or the current headteacher daniel.eaton@leigh.kent.sch.uk via email if you prefer. We want to help you make the best possible decision in your application for this vital role. 

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Before applying for this vacancy please ensure you have read all the relevant information and documents contained in this site. If you are ready to apply for this vacancy please click the "Apply Today" button which will direct you to our online application form.

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