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Longfield Academy has begun a journey to transform the educational opportunities available to learners of all ages in North West Kent. The move to a new building is enabling this to happen through the creation of an electronically intelligent environment that is accessible at any time and from many places. The recent relocation of the Academy has placed it at the heart of a 'learning hub' that will, as it develops, provide the focus for lifelong learning opportunities for all those within Longfield and the surrounding rural communities. Development of physical and virtual links to the Thames Gateway region are extending the capacity of the Academy to serve an ever broader and diverse learning community.

In our Academy we seek to redefine the relationship between teacher and learner by making almost all the information learners require available, in multiple locations. Through this we seek for our staff to be the lead learners, who support and guide students in the search for that information and help them process information into knowledge. This enables our students to transform knowledge into understanding and skills. As a 24/7 learning establishment, we seek to ensure that learning is available when it is needed, and that all learners are able to undertake learning as and when it is required. Thus, we seek to develop a culture where learners will take responsibility for their own learning.

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