Why Teach?


Reasons To Teach:

Why Teach? There is not one simple answer to this question; they are so many reasons why you should consider teaching! 

“…A teacher affects eternity, they can never tell where their influence stops…” (Henry Adams)

Rewarding and fulfilling

- Teaching is a hugely rewarding profession; seeing a child’s eyes light up after grasping a new piece of knowledge is priceless.  As a teacher, you are a guide to the world and enable children to fully maximise their talents, potential, and imagination. You help your learners to recognise their strengths and talents allowing them to decide who they are and what they want to achieve in life. Each and every day, you will make a difference to the lives of 30 children.

Every day is different

Teaching can, at times, be challenging and frustrating. But every day is different and each day is as exciting and stimulating as the next. Variety is the spice of life!

You Will Learn and Grow Along With Your Class

- You will learn more about yourself and your vocation. Your pupils will ask you questions which force you to dig deeper. Some days, you learn just as much as the children.


- Not only are you developing the minds of children and helping them to progress, you are also developing and nurturing your own career. Career progression in teaching, especially in the UK, is innovative. If you have high aspirations you can develop your teaching career whether you see yourself to be a Subject Coordinator, Head of House, Deputy Headteacher or even Headteacher; the routes you can take are endless.

Developed Skill Set

- The beauty of working in education is that difference is celebrated. Every teacher is different. All education staff have the opportunity to be a pioneer in the classroom. You will develop your imagination and creativity as well as your problem solving and reasoning skills.


Teaching gives you the flexibility to develop your teaching style to meet the needs and demands of your students. On a personal and professional level, this will contribute to making you a well-rounded and balanced individual with multiple skills to showcase.


 There are highs and lows in every profession but the highs of being a teacher outweigh the lows. You have the potential to provide a happy and safe environment for children to express their imagination and character. You are facilitating their success on multiple levels. Happiness and humour in your classroom can be very beneficial for wellbeing (both adult wellbeing and child wellbeing!) and allows you to finish, even a challenging day, happy and satisfied. 


We asked real teachers for their thoughts on teaching:

If in doubt, speak to a teacher!

  • By speaking with a serving teacher, who can talk to you honestly and objectively about their experiences of teaching, you will find the answers to your questions. This will then help you make an informed decision about whether teaching is the right career for you.
  • Teachers can share their knowledge on a variety of topics, such as behaviour management, workload management, subject knowledge and the curriculum. You can talk to a teacher by phone or email, and sometimes face-to-face.

If you are considering a teaching career and would like further information, contact the Kent-Teach team. In addition, visit our Routes into Teaching pages to find the best option for you.

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