Kent NQT Induction and Support

The Kent NQT Induction Team successfully supports over 1000 NQTs each year who are located throughout the world through the statutory Induction period.  They have substantial experience in the specialised area of induction and always maintain the highest degree of professional standards.

The team offer a friendly and personalised service and will ensure the NQT Tutor/Mentor is able to fulfil the statutory requirements for the successful completion of the induction programme. In addition to this, they will do the following:

Provide a wealth of documents and proformas - to support both the NQT and Tutor/Mentor throughout the induction period.
Offer confidential support and advice over email and phone - to ensure the NQT is being supported and monitored sufficiently and to discuss any concerns the NQT or Tutor/Mentor may have about the induction period.
Send out a termly newsletter to NQTs and mentors – to ensure all parties are kept up to date with induction activities that are relevant for that particular term.

The team also offer a number of training events for NQTs.   The Primary programme which consists of 6 half day sessions over the academic year covers key elements to support NQTs in their first year of teaching and will address topics such as:

•       working with parents, Teaching Assistants and other professionals
•       Sen, provision mapping and assessment
•       behaviour management
•       classroom environment
•       the statutory induction requirements.  

The programme also provides an excellent opportunity to meet with other NQTs in the district and to share induction experiences. 

We also hold a number of twilight "guide to successful induction" events which are open to both secondary and Primary NQTs in each of the 12 Kent districts and the aim of these is to:

meet the Kent NQT Induction Team
learn about the statutory requirements for induction and what is expected of NQT’s throughout the induction period
view key resources and documents to support the induction process in school
give NQTs the opportunity to network with other NQTs in their district 

If you would like to discuss the service and the support on offer throughout the induction period, please contact the NQT Induction Team on 03000 421149 or email

Please visit the Kelsi website for information about your working career in Kent.