7 Top Tips for Creative Classroom Storage Tips

In the chaotic world of classroom management, where glue sticks vanish into thin air and cables become a tangled mess of confusion, every teacher desires organisation. But who says that organisation has to be boring? We are here to add a bit of creativity and humour into classroom storage.

Personalised Glue Lids: Say goodbye to the mystery of disappearing glue lids by giving them names and faces! Encourage your students to unleash their inner artists and draw characters on the lids. This will make identifying lost lids easier and encourage your students to look after their glue lids, reducing the number of misplaced glue lids and fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among students.

Tray Labels: Instead of basic tray labels, why not turn them into a collaborative art project? Let your students design the tray labels. Remember to create labels for your storage needs because teachers deserve organised chaos, too!

The Rotating Tray: Introducing the ultimate solution to stretching arms and accidental spills – the rotating food tray! Place this strategically in the centre of the table so students can access their stationery without leaving their seats and disrupting the class. It's a fantastic storage solution that keeps classroom chaos at bay.

Binder Clips: Tame the tangled jungle of cables with binder clips! Not only do they keep cords neatly organised, but labelling each clip ensures you'll never unplug the wrong device again.

Hanging Shoe Organisers: Transform a hanging shoe organiser into a quirky storage solution. How about a personalised water bottle station for your students or a stationery cubby? Try storing your snacks, cables, or even tiny plants for something more unique. Who knew shoe organisers could be so versatile?

Muffin Tins: Repurpose a muffin tin into adorable storage compartments, storing items such as paper clips and binder rings.

The Lost and Found Box: Add a touch of fun to the dreaded pile of lost items. Decorate a storage box with an "I'm lost" sign and encourage your students to play detective and reunite lost belongings with their owners. It's a fun way to promote responsibility while keeping clutter in check.

Why not be creative in the world of classroom storage? Use these tips to transform mundane tasks into fun adventures.

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