Young Ambassador Award - Nominate An Inspirational Young Person in Kent

Each year, hundreds of young people from across the British Isles enter the Young Ambassador bursary awards, details of which are promoted through schools, youth organisations, media coverage, and stories shared on social media. 

The aim of the Young Ambassador of the 21st Century Award is to recognise, encourage and support young people who are actively involved in the welfare of the community. In previous years, candidates have been involved in helping young and older people, the disabled, able-bodied and the disadvantaged and have organised projects in conservation, crime prevention, promoting healthier lifestyles, hospital radio and other initiatives.

The Competition

There are several stages to the competition – the first would be the nomination of a young person to their local Lions Club by their school, youth club or other organisation. If chosen to be sponsored by the club, the young person will go forward to the District Finals, where 3 judges will talk to and ask candidates questions about their different projects and work within the community.

The winner of this final will be given a bursary of £500 to spend on their community project and will progress to the Multi District Final in February with the opportunity to win a further bursary of £1000 for their project.

Lions Clubs identify potential young people between the ages of 15 and 18 who are involved in their communities reflecting the ideals of the charity. They need to have a strong personality, demonstrate leadership qualities and have the ability to speak about their service activities to three judges linked to education, business and youth activities.

What is the Prize?

  • A bursary of £1,500 (£500 as a District winner plus £1,000 as an MD winner).
  • A trophy to be held for one year.
  • A small replica.
  • A commitment to address the MD Convention in that year, with expenses paid by the MD Youth Trust.
  • An invitation to the MD International Youth Centre of that year, with expenses paid by the MD Youth Trust.
  • A commitment to participate in the Young Ambassador of the 21st Century European award, to be held at Europa Forum later in the same year, with expenses paid by the MD Youth Trust.
  • All other participants in the MD Final will win a bursary of £500. Candidates may be awarded further prizes at the discretion of their sponsoring club and District. (The winners’ bursaries are to be used for the welfare work within the candidates’ projects or for training to develop the candidates’ potential to carry out this welfare work. The bursaries are not intended to be for the personal financial benefit of the candidates.)

Who Can Be Nominated?

  • For young people actively involved in the welfare of the community.
  • Open to young people throughout the British Isles who are aged 15 but not 19 years on 30 June in the year of the Finals.
  • Judged mainly on the quality of the community involvement.
  • The scheme is organised in stages, starting at Lions Club level, proceeding through Zone, Region and District to the Multiple District Final (MD).

If you would like to put forward a young person and their project for consideration and to establish if a Lion’s club will sponsor them, please email Deborah Bennett from Bromley Lions Club.

Previous Winners

Young Ambassadors have diverse backgrounds and interests and are nominated for the amazing work they do in their community. You can read about the previous winners via the Lions Club Young Ambassadors winners page

Lions are also offering a fantastic award for primary school children in 2023 to encourage them dream big and achieve their aspirations. ROAR is an innovative ideas competition for primary schools which provides an inspirational and fun learning experience, enable children to discover how to use their imagination in exciting new ways, learn how to work in teams and develop their communication and presentation skills. 

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