ROAR 2023 – Inspiring Children to Dream Big

Lions Clubs throughout Kent would like to invite your school to be involved in ROAR 2023. Inspiring children to think big and dream big.

ROAR is an innovative ideas competition for primary schools which provides an inspirational and fun learning experience, enabling your children to discover how to use their imagination in exciting new ways, learning how to work in teams, developing their communication and presentation skills and boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.

This is the sixth year that the Lions education programme ROAR is being run by award winning education company 8billionideas. In 2022 120 schools and 18,000 children aged 7 to 11 were involved.

How Does It Work?

This ideas competition runs during the autumn term and is for key stage two children (7-11 year olds). The programme works as part of the school curriculum and is renowned for inspiring children to think big and to create world changing ideas! 

Schools can enrol on to the ROAR programme with help from their local Lions Club from April onwards. The programme must be launched in schools by September, but can be launched earlier if schools desire. It’s a digital programme and once enrolled, schools can work it into their timetable.

The children will develop their ideas in teams of 3 or 4, creating the ideas, posters, models, jingles, and a sales pitch to share the advantages of their world changing big ideas!

Each school receives support from 8billionideas through a portal and with calls around the programme launch, idea development, play, lesson plans, and from the launch pack. ROAR can be run over several weeks or as a collapsed programme to suit school timetables.

When the ideas are completed each school will hold an in-school final where local Lions will assist with the judging, if schools wish. The children who have the ‘Winning Idea’ from each school will receive certificates, medals and a wrist band for their efforts. 

By Mid-November the winning team of children need to have created and sent a video of their idea, the pitch, model, poster, and jingle to 8billionideas. This video is very important, it will be reviewed at the local/regional finals and judged on the idea, the pitch, the model, the poster and the jingle. 

In December the Lions will organise a specialist panel of Judges to select the ‘Overall Winning Idea’ in regional finals. These Winners will be recognised and awarded at a National Awards Day hosted in December, by Lions Clubs and 8billionideas. 

Check out some teacher testimonials on how this programme can benefit your students. 

How Can Your School Get Involved?

To get involved in ROAR 2023 or you would like more information, then please email David Skinner who is the local Lions representative coordinating this project. He will answer questions and contact your local Lions Club which will support your school subject to the availability of funds. Lions Clubs will be paying the total cost of £170 for several local Kent schools to be involved in ROAR, so don’t miss out on this funding and submit an enquiry today!

Lions clubs are run by individuals acting as volunteers joining together with like-minded people to raise funds in an organised environment to support local community projects, initiatives and other charitable organisations. Lions Clubs International seek to improves access to quality education, vital health services, and positive youth development for young people around the world. Find your local Lions club here

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