8 Ways Education Staff Can Reduce the Impact of the Cost of Living Crisis

If you are currently worried about the cost of living, then you are not alone. Millions of people across the world are struggling to pay their bills. With energy costs and food bills rising, many people are having to make the horrible choice between heating or eating. So how can you make changes to your financial wellbeing or support a colleague, friend or even a parent of a child in your class? Below, we have some provided some practical tips for overcoming the cost-of-living crisis.

1) Reduce Your Expenses. Can you cancel any of your subscription services? Do you really need Netflix and Amazon Prime? Do you need a takeaway every Friday night? It sounds obvious but these small changes can often add up over time or in combination with other savings you can make.  

2) Use Government Assistance Programs. There are several programs designed to help those struggling with the cost of living in the UK, you can find out if you are eligible here. There are also other schemes that you can take advantage of such as the Marriage Allowance.

3) Get Financial Advice. You can some great free financial advice online from websites such as Money Saving Expert or Money Helper.

4) Use Shopping Discounts. Take advantage of online discounts which you can find through Kent Rewards. Kent Rewards us available for education staff employed in a Kent school and for individuals employed by Kent County Council.  

5) Download a Budgeting App. There are a variety of budgeting apps and websites that can help you track your spending and save money, many banks now offer budgeting support on their online banking apps.

6) Consider Relocating. If the cost of living in your current area is too high, consider looking for housing in a cheaper area. There are plenty of teaching opportunities across Kent to be found on our website to help you find a suitable vacancy in another part of the county.

7) Take on Additional Responsibilities. If you are struggling to make ends meet, consider looking for additional sources of income such as taking on a Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) at school or becoming a First Aider. You could also consider working additional hours in an after-school club or during the school holidays. 

8) Make Use of Free Talking Therapies. Counselling services can help you to manage anxieties and financial worries and will help you to improve your overall wellbeing. Contact Support Line on 03000 411 411 for free, confidential support to those working in the education sector in Kent. 

Did you know that we offer a host of wellbeing services for schools? Get in touch with one of our Wellbeing Team to find out how we can help your school to improve staff wellbeing. 

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