5 Museums in Kent

Kent is a beautiful county teeming with wonderful sights to behold, fascinating places to visit, bustling cities and uninterrupted rural and countryside retreats. It is a county steeped in history and culture. Therefore it is unsurprising that Kent has a wide variety of museums to visit. 

Museums are essential to understanding and appreciating the past; they are a crucial educational tool. They help us to positively develop society, improve knowledge and enhance historical knowledge. 

When teaching history in schools it is important the lessons are engaging, relevant and contribute to the student’s perception of the world. For some students, history and the past can seem unfathomable and unrelatable. This is why resources, such as artefacts, and museums are crucial; they help to bring history to life therefore making it relatable and digestible for students.

Here we have collated 5 of the best museums Kent has to offer!

The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge 

With glowing reviews, The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge is well-known for its welcoming atmosphere, fantastic educational facilities and a wide and diverse events programme for all ages. The museum comprises of a combination of art, heritage, collections, books and a wealth of information. For a fully immersive experience, The Beaney should be top of your list. 

Dover Museum

Dover is bursting with heritage and culture. From the iconic White Cliffs to the Dover Castle, it is an historical and cultural hub. Dover is also home to the Dover Museum. Did you know it is one of the oldest museums in the county? A recent addition to the museum is the Dover Bronze Age Boat gallery; this fascinating archaeology exhibit details the excavation and preservation of the Dover boat. This particular collection explores the Bronze Age through artefacts, interactive resources, models and illustrations. The rest of the museum houses diverse and varied collections and exhibits, including the Stone Age, the history of Dover and annual special exhibitions. 

Toy Museum at Penshurst Place

For younger children, toys and games are crucial for development and exploration. Play is a powerful tool. Penshurst Place is home to a toy museum which is bound to captivate and delight children. First opened in 1970, the museum houses a wonderful collection of toys from past eras, giving an insight into how childhood has evolved throughout the years.

Maidstone Museum 

The Maidstone Museum is a free and fascinating destination which is certain to capture the imaginations of your pupils/children. There are wide variety of exhibitions, including the popular Dinosaur exhibit. Other collections include Geology, Costumers and Textiles, Archaeology and Japanese Decorative Art and Prints. Reopening for the season in February 2022, the Maidstone Museum most certainly deserves your consideration. 

Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum, Ramsgate 

The Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum is located at one of the last remaining airfields that took part in the Battle of Britain. The museum pays homage to the men and women who defended our country. You can expect to find displays of the aircraft and objects they used. The museum also tells the stories of the people who paid such a crucial role in protecting our country. See first-hand iconic aircraft, such as Spitfires and Hurricanes. 

If you are seeking further inspiration for a historical day out, we composed an article over the summer to celebrate Heritage Open Days. Although Heritage Open Days 2021 is now over, the article details some fantastic places to visit in Kent teeming with history and culture. 

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