Are You Taking Part in Road Safety Week 2021? Road Safety Week Resources for Schools

Road Safety Week: Be A Road Safety Hero

Is your school taking part in Road Safety Week 2021? From the 15th to the 21st November 2021, you can join millions of people by getting involved with the UK’s biggest road safety campaign. Coordinated by Brake, Road Safety Week raises life-saving awareness about road safety by inspiring schools, communities and organisations all over the UK to prioritise road safety, ensuring our safety when completing our daily journeys. 

The theme for 2021 is Road Safety Heroes. It is a celebration of the work of road safety professionals. This year, Brake are encouraging you to…

• Celebrate the work of road safety professionals and those who provide care for people impacted by crashes.

• Make your voice heard; everyone is entitled to make safe journeys wherever they live.

• Join Brake’s community of Road Safety Heroes. 

Why Should Schools Take Part in Road Safety Week? 

Road safety is a concern for us all. After all, we all use the roads in various ways each day, whether that be driving a car, using public transport, cycling or simply walking. Everyone should feel safe on the roads and should be able to make safe journeys each day without fear. 

Did you know that, globally, road collisions are the number 1 cause of death for children and young people? In the United Kingdom, more than 6 children are killed or injured everyday on our roads. In terms of the economy, road collisions cost £36 billion annually. 

Climate change is a real concern worldwide. Traffic pollution causes respiratory illnesses and a range of other diseases. Consider making more journeys by foot or bicycle to improve our national health and contribute to saving our planet from the devastating impact of climate change.

Taking Part in Road Safety Week: School Resources

Brake have provided a comprehensive range of resources to be used in schools, nurseries and child care settings. These include crosswords, colouring sheets and key vocabulary sheets. Education is key to ensuring safety for everyone on our roads. In addition to the fantastic learning resources provided, you can also download selfie props, posters, bin stickers and a giant Road Safety Week banner to help spread the word. 

For teaching staff, Brake have provided a downloadable information sheet containing facts about the various people who are our Road Safety Heroes. 

Brake have included thorough and detailed lesson plans to help you to deliver road safety lessons in the classroom. The lesson plans cover a broad range of subjects and are simple to find and download. For time-strapped teachers, these lesson plans are brilliant and make it simple to explore Road Safety Week during busy school days. 

Additionally, Brake have designed an assembly for Primary Schools, which is a great way to celebrate Road Safety Week. The assembly is designed to be used as an awards ceremony in school to celebrate your local road safety heroes. 

We all know colouring is good for wellbeing, with a surge in recent years of adult colouring books (alongside traditional children’s colouring books!). The Road Safety Week colouring sheets are an ideal opportunity for wellbeing activities in the classroom as well as a fun way to learn about road safety. 

Brake have designed a jam-packed activity sheet, which is ideal for early morning work whilst you are preparing to take the register and school lunch orders. The children can unscramble letters to reveal road safety vocabulary, complete the crossword and fill in the missing word in sentences. This is a fantastic way to start the school day! 

In addition to the above resources, Brake have provided road safety hero playing cards, flashcards and numbers to support your road safety games. All the resources mentioned are available to download on the Brake website

Additional Resources

Twinkl: The brilliant Twinkl have designed a range of resources for Road Safety Week 2021 including differentiated reading comprehension activities and EYFS activities. 

Think: This government affiliated website contains a range of road safety resources for children. The resources range from films/video clips to lesson plans for educators. 

Pinterest: Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration for a range of topics, in and out of the classroom! A quick search for Road Safety Resources will help get your creative juices flowing in order to plan fun and engaging lessons for the classroom. 

BBC: Visit the BBC website for further resources dedicated to road safety. 

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