Bonfire Night in Kent 2021

‘Remember, remember the 5th of November.’

For many of us, the above saying is synonymous with an annual celebration that goes off with a bang. The 5th November is Guy Fawkes Night, also referred to as Bonfire Night, in the United Kingdom. It is an annual commemorative event marking the failed attempt to blow up the House of Lords on the 5th November 1605. The 1605 Gunpowder Plot was crafted by a group of conspirators, led by Robert Catesby, who were angered by King James I’s refusal to expand religious tolerance towards Catholics. 

The plan was to destroy the Houses of Parliament during a state event with explosives. The primary goal was to kill the King and members of parliament. The conspirators were betrayed and the plan was foiled before it could unleash devastating consequences. All involved were either killed whilst trying to evade capture or convicted then executed according to the law.

Following the failed attack, the Members of Parliament decided to make the 5th November a commemorative day of thanksgiving. 

Guy Fawkes Day, as we all know, is still celebrated and commemorated today. However, the celebrations have altered over the years with some displays less traditional than others. Historically, figures depicting Guy Fawkes, made of materials such as straw, were throw onto bonfires. There was also significant lead-up to the event with children carrying Guy Fawkes’ models around their local area, asking people for a ‘penny for the guy’. This tradition is still observed, although the figures thrown onto the bonfire tend to vary. Traditionally, we observe dazzling firework displays whilst enjoying hot food and drink. 

How is Kent Celebrating the 5th November in 2021?

Last year, celebrations were overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic, with vaccinations still unavailable and a great deal of uncertainty. This year we expect bonfire night to be back with a bang. 

Top 5 Firework Events in Kent for Bonfire Night 2021 

Great Lines Heritage Park, Gillingham

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Every year, Great Lines firework displays never fail to disappoint. The terrific firework displays held at Great Lines are well-known around the Medway towns with hundreds flocking to behold the dazzling light show each year. Rather than being held on 5th November, the Great Lines Heritage Park are hosting a firework and laser display on Saturday 6th November between 7pm and 8pm. According to the Medway Council website, the annual Great Lines display is back with a bang and more colourful than ever. The display will reportedly showcase dazzling firework and laser displays which have been choreographed to movie soundtracks. 

Leeds Castle, Maidstone

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Every year, Leeds Castle host a bewitching and captivating firework bonanza. It is a highly esteemed event and is one of the biggest firework events Kent has to offer. It will be held this year on Saturday 6th November and Sunday 7th November. The theme for 2021’s celebration is space! The space theme is applied to the music accompanying the fireworks, so you can be sure to enjoy some of the nation’s favourite anthems. 

Hadlow Manor, Tonbridge

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The last Guy Fawkes Night at Hadlow Manor was held in 2019 and was a roaring success. This year the event will be taking place on the 7th November with admissions open from 5pm. There will be a variety of food options available with admission prices ranging from £3 to £7. Pre-booking is essential. 

Danson Park Fireworks, Bexleyheath

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The Welling Round Table are proud to announce the return of the Danson Park firework display in 2021. Held in the beautiful Danson Park, you can expect to enjoy a family-friendly celebration. In addition to the firework display, you can enjoy a children’s fun fair, stalls and food. The gates open at 6pm with the display commencing at 8pm. You can purchase tickets online or at selected retailers.

No Bangs Bonfire Night Celebration, Reuthe’s – The Lost Gardens of Sevenoaks

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If you, or your children, prefer to observe bonfire night in a quieter fashion, then look no further. Held on the 6th November, you can visit Reuthe’s to celebrate Guy Fawkes night. You can expect to enjoy open mic entertainment, the lighting of the bonfire and a mini lights show. 

Whatever you are doing this Bonfire Night weekend, stay safe and have plenty of fun. 

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