Heroes Against Homelessness – Fundraising in the Classroom

Who doesn’t love a superhero!? The wonderful Porchlight are giving you and your pupils the opportunity to become Heroes Against Homelessness; a truly terrific badge of honour. In this blog, find out more about how you can get your pupils involved in fundraising and support a local charity in the process. Heroes Against Homelessness is a worthwhile addition to meeting National Curriculum objectives and fulfils British Values!

About Porchlight

‘Together, we can end homelessness in Kent.’

Porchlight, based in Kent, work with people who are homeless, those who live in their supported housing and local communities. Each year, Porchlight work with over 8000 individuals and families. They aim to break down barriers and help people to achieve their full potential. Areas Porchlight assist with include housing, mental health, work, education, physical health, daily living skills and financial independence. They provide a broad and balanced range of services and tailor their assistance to everyone’s situation. This ensures that whatever people are experiencing, Porchlight can be there for them. 

Porchlight’s vision is a fairer society which provides the vulnerable with stability, which includes those who have been excluded and makes homelessness and poverty a thing of the past. Through 1) preventing homelessness with speedy and personalised support services, 2) providing education, housing, careers advice and personal development to the vulnerable and isolated and 3) challenging negative attitudes and stigma towards those who are homeless, living in poverty or experiencing poor mental health, Porchlight aspire to change lives for the better. 

Every year, Porchlight’s Rough Sleeper Team helps hundreds of people off the streets and into a safe and stable home. With rough sleeper numbers in Kent increasing, community support is greatly needed to help Porchlight provide their crucial services. 

Did you know…?

• £50 could answer 10 calls to Porchlight’s 24 hour helpline. 

• £100 could provide 4 basic welcome packs of food, toiletries and cleaning products for people moving off the streets and into hostels. 

• £500 could pay the rent deposit for someone who is moving into their own flat with Porchlight’s assistance in developing their skills, confidence and independence. 

Heroes Against Homelessness

Teachers of Kent, this is a fantastic initiative to involve your pupils in which will make a difference to Kent communities. 

To spark excitement for the project, children are invited to participate in a non-uniform day with a difference. Pupils should channel their inner heroes by donning a community hero costume. The idea is for the pupils to be sponsored for doing so.  The overall objective of the day is to encourage pupils to learn how to be more thoughtful, caring, and active members of society.

With Porchlight’s Heroes Against Homelessness campaign the mission is…

1) Raise money for people in need.

2) Educate pupils on homelessness in age-appropriate ways.

3) Utilise Porchlight’s free teaching resources!

Heroes Against Homelessness Resources

You can find all the fantastic resources Porchlight have created for your Heroes Against Homelessness day on their website. The resources include information for parents/carers, sponsorship forms, writing competitions, fundraising ideas, decorative bunting, colouring and classroom resources and guidance notes for teachers!

As well as a wide range of resources, Porchlight also offer a free workshop in which they deliver a talk to schools. During Covid-19, this has been taking place remotely via Zoom. 

Primary School Key Stages

On the Porchlight website, you can download teacher guides for activities. But, we have provided a summary of the objectives fulfilled by the KS1 and KS2 activity packs provided by Porchlight. 

Key Stage 1:

  • This activity can be carried out in the classroom or within a whole school assembly.
  • Develops empathy and encourages children to think carefully about homelessness, considering the associated feelings and worries.
  • Develop an understanding of the causes of homelessness and how homeless people are seen and perceived.
  • Consideration of the varying support needed to assist the homeless and how Porchlight can help provide this support.
  • Develop a better understanding of community needs and how they, their families and school can help by fundraising for Porchlight. 
  • Full downloadable resource.

Key Stage 2: 

  • Covers SMSC, PHSE and RE curriculum objectives.
  • Interactive and thought provoking.
  • Challenges stereotypes.
  • Develops an understanding and awareness of problems and needs in local communities.
  • Group discussion opportunities.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Reasoning and problem solving.
  • For Year 5 and 6, emotive videos featuring real homeless people who have been supported by Porchlight; encourages consideration of others and empathy.
  • Full downloadable resource. 

So, don your superhero capes today and make a real difference to your local community.

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