5 Home Schooling Truths Every Parent Can Relate To

It’s back – National Lockdown January 2021.

I’m sure, just like me, you sat in front of your television on Monday’s announcement and poured yourself an extra-large glass of something! As the news came in of schools closing, my WhatsApp groups started flashing and messages poured in from school friends and family. 

We were back to home schooling. Balancing the impossible juggling act of work, young children, caring for others and now teaching! 

As a working mum of a seven-year-old (I only have one child and to be frank, I find that hard enough) my job is in the wellbeing sector. I immediately thought about articles to support everyone through the next six weeks, but it must be said this blog is not for that. You can however find amazing resources on the Kent Teach Wellbeing Hub and I would urge you to go and check them out.

I wanted to focus today on the comfort I have found in the honest truths of other parents. This sanity check and the morale boost you get from chatting to other people, should not be underestimated. We all have stories to share, some make us laugh, others make us cry, but all provide us with a sense of community that is brilliant for your social and mental health. It is so important to not paper over the cracks and be able to have honest and truthful conversations about how you are feeling. 

With that in mind here are 5 truths about home schooling that I am hoping you relate to and take some comfort in.

1) I am not smarter than a seven-year-old.

Has anyone else marvelled at the level of schoolwork being set to their children? I have never reverted to googling or asking Alexa questions on subjects as much in my life. 

‘Alexa tell me about vertices’, ‘Alexa give me an example of a compound noun’. On the positive side I will emerge from this lockdown smarter and wiser.

2) Lockdowns impacts the appetite of your child.

Whilst I haven’t researched any scientific evidence on this, I know from first-hand experience my child now needs to be fed every 30 minutes to avoid a complete melt down. Snack cupboards have been put into their own lockdown status and cucumber sticks are offered out regularly (much to her disgust).  

3) Technology is out to get me.

In the last 10 months my bank balance has taken a dent in the pursuit of purchasing a device to access home schooling platforms. I have bought a tablet (waste of money) a printer and finally a proper laptop. I have gone through reams of paper and no software ever seems to talk to each other. I appreciate I am extremely fortunate to be able to purchase this equipment but why oh why is nothing in life easy!

4) Dry January has gone out the window.

Need I say anymore!!! I tried, I failed.

5) I will never ever complain at the school gates.

I would hope I was not someone moaning at the school gates; however, I have to be honest. If you have ever been told anything challenging or received negative feedback about your child, it isn’t always easy to take and you sometimes question it. This is code for ‘my child would never do that’.

NEVER EVER EVER again will I question what I have been told. Home schooling means I have witnessed that behaviour first-hand and now fully understand the challenges teachers experience on an everyday basis. All education staff have my admiration and even greater respect now and forever. 

Hopefully reading my five truths will lead you to share your own experiences with your friends and family. Expressing how you are coping in these challenging times and connecting with others will improve your wellbeing and build a vital support network.

Do you have any home-schooling confessions you want to share with us?

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