Easy Christmas Recipe for Kids - Snowman Balls

The most joyful time of the year is almost here, and we just can’t keep calm! Mostly because we will be bidding goodbyes to 2020, which is arguably one of the most horrible years in the recent history of mankind. To prepare for the happy days ahead, let’s create something fun and delicious as a whole family. And, by family, I definitely mean to include kids in it…

Just a word of caution, there is a strong probability of these treats to vanquish midway, while you are still working on it and, in the end, you might be left with just half of the expected count of snowman balls!

Why not lovingly gift wrap and give this very simple dish to your family and friends as a Christmas gift. It’s delicious, adds a personalised touch to the festive gifting, and is very safe to consume because it is made in the sanitized environment of your home!

These snowman balls are a bit healthier version of the chocolate truffles and a very popular brand of chocolate-based coconut coated treat. You just need the wholehearted support of your microwave oven for it to turn out the way you’d expect. So, wait no more and start gathering ingredients for this quick and simple Christmas treat for your entire family, particularly kids under 10 years of age!


Microwave oven




1 cup any healthy (or otherwise) biscuits of your choice

½ cup butter, melted

75g white chocolate, melted

Dry coconut, grated (only white part)

Mini dark chocolate chips, for eyes

1 tablespoon dark chocolate, melted

Cadbury’s chocolate squares, to put up as snowman’s caps


1) Crush and grind the biscuits of your choice into a fine powder

2) Add butter to it and process the mixture again.

3) Now, take a small portion of the biscuit mixture and shape it into a walnut-sized ball. Add a little more melted butter, if  required to help get firm rounds.

4) Place biscuit balls on the butter paper and freeze it for about 15 minutes or until nicely firm.

5) Dip biscuit balls into melted white chocolate and coat it evenly.

6) Now, roll this white chocolate coated ball into the grated coconut to coat it evenly again.

7) Place the balls on a butter paper and repeat this process with the remaining balls.

8) Refrigerate the balls for another 10 minutes.

9) Now, press and put the mini dark chocolate chips onto the cold balls to resemble the eyes of the snowman.

10) Use a toothpick to put some melted dark chocolate onto the snowman to resemble a mouth.

11) Repeat this process with the remaining balls.

12) Lastly, put a small chocolate square over the snowman’s head using melted chocolate as a replacement to glue.

13) Cool the snowman balls for about 5 minutes and then enjoy!

About the Author

Ligia Lugo runs The Daring Kitchen blog where she shares her healthy recipes. Her hobby is experimenting with different cuisines and travel.

If life seems stressful or dreary at the moment then remember to take the time to embrace the Christmas break and  make memories that you will look back on with joy. We’ve decided to give you a little helping hand and want to share 3 simple no bake recipes with you to spread some holiday cheer. Kids in the kitchen at Christmas is the perfect recipe for some fabulous festive fun.

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