Get Active This Summer with Kent Sport

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kent Sport has not been able to bring you our usual Kent School Games events, but this year you can still participate and earn Kent School Games medals by completing the My Active challenges. The Kent School Games My Active challenges will help you to stay fit and healthy at home, even if you cannot go to school or enjoy your normal clubs or summer holiday play-schemes.

Children and young people between 5 and 18 should try to do some physical activity every day and it is recommended that young people do a minimum 60 minutes a day. Keeping active is vital for the following:

Developing co-ordination

Building confidence

Maintaining a healthy weight

Strengthening muscles and bones

Improving sleep 

Improves concentration and learning 

Improves health and fitness 

Positive mental health

As well as fun, easy and different ways to keep your bodies and minds active, the My Active challenges will encourage you to be creative and curious, to inspire others, and celebrate living an active life. You can find great activities to do in the My Active Rainbow and My Active Life activity packs and we will also be sharing extra ideas on our Twitter and Facebook pages so follow us and keep an eye out! Best of all, the challenge is free for all schools and families with school-aged children in Kent and Medway. Use these challenges to give you ideas, or complete and submit the challenges by the end of August to earn rewards, it’s up to you! 

My Active Rainbow challenges are suitable for pupils in years 1-6 and My Active Life challenges are suitable for secondary school-age children, both challenges allow the pupils the chance to win Kent School Games medals.

Both challenges have been created with the Kent Children's University (KCU). KCU is passionate about improving outcomes for young people through innovation and creativity. The Children's University believes that children learn anywhere and learn best when they choose what they want to learn, and most importantly, that they have fun. We hope that the My Active Challenge provides the opportunity for you to do just that!

How are you keeping active this summer? If you need some more inspiration or motivation to get moving then check out these 10 Sports to Try This Summer

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