How Teachers Can Make The Most of Summer

After another academic year of constant working and planning it can be quite daunting when the summer holiday break arrives leaving yourself asking ‘What’s next?’ and ‘How do I get the most out of my time off?’ Well after months of putting others ahead of you, working late creating lesson plans, marking work, stressing about the day ahead you can finally focus on yourself! It could be therapeutic to just leave your first week open and see where it takes you, allowing time for you to unravel out the routine of going from one plan to the next.

Focusing on You

Following a demanding year of non-stop work it can be pretty exhausting so in your first week or so you might want to stay home relaxing on the sofa watching films, spending time with family rather than going straight from a busy work schedule to a busy social schedule. Leaving your days open and being more spontaneous rather than planning anything straight away could be good for your wellbeing and help you recharge for a possible hectic summer. Sleep is extremely important for a healthy psyche, it is reported on average teachers only get 6 hours of sleep per night, so some of you may want to enjoy the first week getting a full nights sleep before you get your summer rolling.

Places to Go 

After the first week of resting you might want to start going out, whether it is going the beach, picnics, going out to dinner, the pub or cinema as the lockdown rules started to ease from the 4th of July. As going for walks to parks has been one of the only places people have been able to go you may be a bit sick of them or are craving something different and as more places are opening like zoos, museums, funfairs and outdoor gyms you might rather venture there. 

Port Lympne Reserve, the biggest wildlife park in Kent, is now open which could make a great day out for the family. The kids may have been desperate to go over the last few months and now is your chance. Like many places you will have to book in advance so you must buy your tickets before rather than on the door.

If you love swimming but have been put off going to the crowded beaches then TriSwim could be just for you, they offer open swimming at Chipstead and Haysden lakes. This a great chance to go for a swim in a safer environment with your old swimming partners who have been waiting months to be able to get back in the water, however due to COVID-19 measures you must be or become a member. This could offer a great alternative for those who cannot use their existing membership at a local gym or pool.  

If you are looking for a day out just for a bit of fun why not go for some crazy golf at Strokes Adventure Golf in Margate? Everyone can enjoy a game of crazy golf as you don’t have to be a professional golfer to be any good, the kids love it and its even a bit of fun for the adults.

Reengage with Your Hobbies and Passions

As a teacher free time can often be lost in a busy work schedule, so summer is a great chance to get back into or start something you have been meaning to do like cooking, playing an instrument or playing your chosen sport. The summer break can be an opportunity to get back in touch with your personal interests that enhance your life as a person not just a teacher.

Take a Holiday

Many of us have had our holiday plans disrupted due to Covid-19 but as places start to open and you feel comfortable going away and it may be just what you need. Many European countries are opening like Spain, France, Cyprus, Greece and the list goes on. Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable going abroad you can always experience some of the beautiful coasts in England, take a long weekend in Cornwall, Devon or Dorset.

If you are the active type and looking for a new sport to try this summer, check out our blog 10 sports to try this summer.
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