10 Sports to Try This Summer

As the warmer weather sets in and we slowly emerge from the lockdown, the summer holidays may look a little different this year. With the latest government guidelines, groups of up to six people from different households are now able to exercise outside. 

This means people who partake in team sports can now meet and train together in an open environment, as long as they remain at least two metres apart.

Whilst many sporting facilities may still be closed, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying some outdoor physical activity over the summer break. 

We’ve put together a list of 10 sports you can try this summer to keep the kids (and of course you adults!) fit, healthy and free from boredom.

1) Cycling 

Grab the family, strap your afternoon snacks to your bike, and head out to enjoy the beautiful Kentish countryside. 

With so many trails, quaint and quirky coastal towns, quiet lanes and open spaces ideal for family riding, there’s no excuse not to take the opportunity to explore the fantastic cycling routes that Kent has to offer. 

2) Walking 

With over 200 green spaces and parks in Kent to enjoy, why not head out on a family hike, and grab a few friends on the way.  Whether you’re seeking a gentle country stroll through the North Downs or the thrill of a cliff top view, you’ll be sure to find a walking route suitable for all with this extensive list of walking routes.

3) Athletics 

Athletics offers a wide range of choice when it comes to sport, with a variety of disciplines providing you with the opportunity to run, jump and throw. 

Feeling competitive? Why not gather up some friends, head down to your local playing field and create your own mini athletics competition? Create your own race, adding some challenging obstacles as you find different ways to compete against the clock.

4) Rounders

The primary school sport of choice. How many of us remember playing rounders at primary school and being rather competitive over it?

A guaranteed ‘fun for all the family’ activity, easy to set up and play. Head down to your local park or and grab a couple of hours’ worth of rounders. You’ll find its great fun for everyone.

5) Cricket

Cricket, the perfect summer sport for individual play and teamwork. Assemble your troops and find some wide-open space; you can even enjoy a spot of cricket in your back garden.  Bat, bowl and field for a full match or play a game of Qwik Cricket, you won’t need much but a bat, ball and something you can use as stumps.

6) Table Tennis

Have you got a kitchen table? How about some table tennis bats? If so, this could be the sport for you this summer. A need for precision and accuracy (as well as quick reactions!) table tennis will pass by the time. So why not try and release your inner Forrest Gump this summer and play ‘ping pong’?

7) Basketball 

Who says you have to be over 6ft tall to play basketball? From running, jumping, throwing, catching and dodging, this is an endurance sport certain to get your heart rate going. 

You can play basketball from the comfort of your own back garden; all you really need is a ball and something to aim at.

8) Football 

For those of you missing your squad, there’s no reason why you can’t keep up with your footie with friends. Football can pretty much be played anywhere, come rain or shine. Come together this summer and play in a small group or practice your skill work on your own, all you need is a ball. 

9) Skateboarding and Roller sports  

Some of you may now be thinking skateboarding and roller-skating are not -sports!  Well, the definition of sport is ‘an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or other for entertainment’, so skateboarding and roller-skating are most definitely sports!

Whether you have a skateboard, roller-skates or even a scooter, these are all fun activities that are promised to keep you entertained. Developing skills such as balance and agility, you can skate by yourself or with family and friends. 

10) Yoga 

Yoga has become increasingly popular over the years and it’s easy to see why. An extremely versatile sport with not much needed, just a little space and a towel or matt. Yoga has been proven to improve balance, strength and flexibility and is the perfect activity to do with friends or family, so why not throw some fun into the mix and spend the summer perfecting your headstand. 

If you’re looking for somewhere to have a picnic whilst trying out some sports, why not check out Kent Country Parks Reopened for Weekend Picnics.

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