5 Father's Day Activities for 2020

We’re sure for some of you this Father's Day is going to either be ‘just another lockdown day’ or a difficult day not being able to see your father. No matter which category you fall into, that doesn’t need to make Father's Day any less special for all the dads up and down the country. We’ve collated a list of five activities that you can do this Father’s Day to make it as special as possible.

1) The Daddy of All BBQs

Men up and down the country have taken some stick over the years for being the rulers of the BBQ, but what if just for one day it was their turn to sit down and have a feast fit for a King? Why not have a BBQ for your father and cook up some his favourite meaty (or vegetarian!) treats to make him feel extra special. Some burgers, couple of sausages, couple of shrimps on the barbie (for all the Australian fathers out there!), maybe a full rack of ribs… our mouths are watering at the thought!

2) Anyone for a spot of Cricket?

Fathers can be some of the most competitive people (especially when it comes to competing with their children!) so why not go and find a nice open spot, enjoy the fresh air and spend some quality time with your father playing a game. You could play cricket, football, frisbee, badminton, the sporting list is endless. And remember, sport is tiring work, so why not have a picnic for lunch whilst you’re there, maybe even a beer (just one mind!) to mark the occasion.

3) Virtual Quiz

For some, we’re sure you’ve been enjoying spending more ‘virtual’ time with friends and family lately by taking part in quizzes by Zoom or Skype, but why not host a special Father’s Day version? Get all the generations together and have a quiz dedicated to all things ‘Father’ related. For all the Star Wars fathers out there, have the first question on us: ‘Luke, I am your father!’ is a line from which Stars Wars film? 

4) 2 sausages, 3 bits of bacon and smothered in ketchup please!

Now, we’re sure that there are some fathers out there that might have perfected the art of the ‘Dad Bod’ during lockdown (don’t worry, this article has been written by a man who can confirm!), so some healthier eating may be required in the future. But one more day of slightly unhealthy eating won’t hurt will it? Why not make your father breakfast in bed, we’re sure he’ll love it. After all, as the ancient proverb goes ‘The way to a man’s heart his through his stomach’, and what better way to win that heart than on Father’s Day!

5) Discovery Channel and Tea

For some fathers a quiet day might just be everything they need, so why not dedicate a whole day to watching the Discovery Channel and making your father some regular mugs of tea? Sometimes you just need to know how the inside of an engine works, you never know when you might need to fix it, or how baked beans are made. Sit back, bring your father the tea and watch some documentaries with them. Other channels are available of course…

When is Father’s Day 2020?

Father’s Day will be held on Sunday 21st June 2020 in the UK.

Looking to surprise Dad with a special Father’s Day BBQ? Why not have a read of our ‘Preparing the Perfect Healthy BBQ’ blog to give you some inspiration for some healthy treats. 

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